Saturday, August 27, 2011

Just starting up

Welcome to our blog! I am very excited to start up this thing, as I have been reading (creepin') on other people's blogs for a few weeks/months now. I have a lot of spare time at work and have found some incredible blogs that I have really enjoyed reading.
I am calling this 'our' blog, even though I, Lindsey, will most likely be the only one writing on it. Dear Kevin is somewhat slower when it comes to technology. He would rather be out in the woods.
For my first post I thought it would be cool to write some random facts about us to kick things off.
Here it goes;

I encountered a baby whale in the ocean off the coast of South Carolina when I was 17, and have since been terrified of whales. (even more so than sharks)

Kevin and I met while working in a colonial themed resturaunt in Gettysburg PA. His attire was colonial knicker pants, stockings, and a steele-buttoned vest, and mine was a colonial floor length floral dress. Love at first sight!! (not really)

Kevin is the oldest of his siblings (1 younger brother & 1 younger sister) and I am the oldest of mine (3 younger sisters)

We have 3 fur babies, a kitty named Nelly, and 2 pups- Oscar & Chesapeake.

I hate milk & Kevin hates my People magazines.

We got married 2 years ago in the church were my parents were married nearly 25 years ago :)

We are Northern folk transplanted in the deep South for Kevin to get his masters degree at Mississippi State University.

We are HUGE Pittsburgh Steelers fans!!

We lead the Youth Ministry at our awesome church- Pinelake.

I hate the word booklet.

I hope this was inspiring (hah!) and insightful.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. *in the church where my parents were married