Friday, September 23, 2011

a bit nostalgic

I found this little nugget while pinning yesterday, and it made me say; I have no idea!
I have (count 'em) THREE younger sisters!
We are all within about 6 years of each other (right, mom?) and have grown up very close.
They are all still at home right now, and I find myself missing them dearly :(

This is our most recent picture all together, from a trip to TN last month. 
We both met halfway and had a fun few days in Gatlinburg.

And why not, lets throw in a few more pictures..

love this one of us from my wedding day;

another winner; ;)

last winter (or 2 winters ago?) sledding in Kevin's kayak!

Spring break in Orlando, this past March

& a real throw-back for ya, circa 1998(ish?)

(I am the irritated looking child on the left. I think everyone else is confused as to whose birthday it is..)

"A sister shares childhood memories, & grown up dreams"
Love & Miss you, Morgan, Ally, & Erica

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