Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm really 5 years old

I have been begging Kevin to take me to see the new release of Lion King in 3 -D
Let me tell you friends, its just as amazing as you might imagine.
I felt like a child on Christmas morning.
Take a gander:

I have been all about the Lion King for a long time.
I vividly remember when it first opened (1995?). My mom packed me & my sister up, took us to the drive-ins, and we watched from the back of our ancient dodge caravan.
Now that, my friends, is living.
I also got to see the Lion King on Broadway in NYC a few years back, and had goosebumps the entire show.
It was incrrrreedible!
So last night was another experience in the Lion King obsession that is my life.
I sang along with all of the songs (I have a 'Disney' theme going on my ipod)
And of course, sobbed like a child when Mufasa died.
I'm now anxiously awaiting its new release on DVD, so I can scoop it up for future Chase babies to enjoy all their lives! :)


  1. i love your blog, linds! kevin needs to do a post! haha you're inspiring me to start again (I tried last Christmas and failed miserably when I got back to school) :(

  2. haha! i want to take my little girl to see it, but i would go alone if i didn't have her too :)

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