Sunday, September 25, 2011

new orleans adventure

For my birthday last weekend we took a short trip to New Orleans with some friends.
Kevin and I had never been before, so we spent a lot of time just walking around and seeing  the city.
We had such a good time- and will definitely go back.




We spent some time in a beee-eatiful park & took some fun shots :)

at said park, we hopped in the fountain hoping to re-create the opening scene from 'Friends' 

Mission Accomplished!

An extremely old tree in the park...

...which Kevin insisted on climbing.

In a random art gallery-which had some awesome stuff-there was this lion made completely out of old boxes

 We then found a 2 story target!! (highlight of trip)

 Kevin & I before dinner. 

Our friends are the coolest- and we had a super-awesome trip.
I love mini-vacations :)

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