Saturday, October 1, 2011

that inevitable question

Kevin and I have been happily married for over 2 years now.
(2 years 2 months 1 week and 5 days, but who's really counting?)
When you're young, happy, and all married like that people tend to assume the next step in the journey of life is children.
We've been taught since we were young; first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage, right?
Kevin and I have been bombarded with questions about babies for what seems like ages, going back to as early as when we returned from our honeymoon. Most people throw it in a casual conversation, and others try to half joke half really ask the question everyone seems to want to know.
Except, when you get married soo young, when is the right time to have children?
I say, not for a long long time.

Not that we don't love kids. Oh no, quite the opposite!

 Kevin and I absolutely adore children. They seem to be especially attracted to Kevin (aka the big, tall, funny guy who they can climb on like a jungle gym!)

And from my previous posts, I obviously love being around & working with kids. Its want I want to do everyday! 

(funny story about the photo above, taken at a recent church event. The little girl in fronts name is Amelia, and she calls Mr. Kevin her Boyfriend. Sometimes Amelia's Mom has to bribe her to come to church by saying; "Mr. Kevin's going to be there!)

But on some level I also feel that Kevin & I are still kids ourselves!

While I cannot wait for the Parents Chapter in our lives to begin, I also really love where we are right now.

We are still so young, and can enjoy the freedoms of it just being the 2 of us. Weekend trips, late dinners with friends, eating cereal for dinner (which probably happens way too often).
I love this season in our lives, where our only 'babies' are covered in fur & walk on 4 legs :)

Well folks, this non-parent is signing off!
Have a great weekend!


  1. I love how blunt you are with answering this question! Its true there is too much peer pressure for the newlyweds! miss you guys!

  2. ashley (from one of her older friends on FB she loves so much lol) shared this with me & i thought of you:

    When you're single, people ask about a boyfriend. When u have a fiance, they ask about a wedding. When u get married, they ask when will u have a baby? When u have 1. They ask when is the little brother or sister coming? When you have another one they ask, why you having all these children? When u get divorced, they ask why? If u moved on, they ask why so quickly? People will NEVER STOP ASKING & TALKING... if you're proud of who u are & u don't care about what people think about u, paste it on your wall because it's your life and u should decide how to LIVE IT