Thursday, September 29, 2011

things we're obsessed with lately..

So I know my last post was pretty drab.
I don't want you all to think I'm a Debbie Downer who hates her life.
That is not the case at all!
We have so many good things going on, and so much to be thankful for.

Have you ever become obsessed with something random, so much that it consumes your thoughts for a few weeks?
Kevin and I find ourselves going on 'kicks'
Our kicks can be anything from a dinner we like to eat, so we suddenly start eating it all the time-to a new tv show we watch re-runs of for weeks and weeks.
I thought it might be fun to share with you our current obsessions, or 'kicks'
Here goes.

(this one is more mine that Kevin's) but, THE DUGGARS!
Have you ever watched this show?! This family has 19 children.
(which I think is about how many episodes I watched consecutively of their show last night)
I know they've caught a lot of flack for having so many kids, and continuing to reproduce, but I must admit that I feel I would get along with this family very well.
They are very strong in their faith, and also extremely grounded despite the amount of recognition & 'fame' they've received.
Good job, Duggars!
*I must also mention that after watching so many episodes last night I dreamt that I had a baby.
Coincidence? I think not.

Our recent obsession that falls under the 'food' category.
These things are A-mazing and incredibly easy to make. 
(straight outta the box!)
They are the perfect blend of chocolate chip cookies & sweet chocolatey brownies.
So next time you're in the bakery aisle be sure to pick up a box of this goodness.
(I wish the cookie-brownie company was paying me to endorse them! Free cookie-brownies for life?)

Ok, so this one is obviously more mine that Kevins.
But I bought this exact headband at Target a few weeks ago, and have since become super-obsessed.
(that's 1 step higher than regular obsessed.)
How cute is it?!
& Kevin likes it too, because of the leaves, its nature related! Right up his alley.
It has come in handy many-a-day when I'm getting ready in the morning and my hair decides to hate me.
This little fella does the trick.

 Now for our board game kick, The Settlers of Catan!!
This game is sooo awesome. Friends of ours purchased it & we played on a rainy day, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we were instantly hooked.
It is a game of strategy but also luck.
We actively search for times to get together to do nothing but play Catan.
The only downer is that it is only a 4 person game-so we have to shun some other friends in order to be able to play.
Nonetheless, its super fun & addicting, and I must say that I have a pretty good track record at winning this game. (thank you, thank you)
(Catan, are you seeing this? I'm endorsing your product! Contact me with spokes-person details)

And that, my friends, is a list of our current kicks.
Do you find yourself becoming irrationally addicted to products/shows/games?
Or are we the only ones?
Now off to watch the Duggars & chow on some cookie-brownies


  1. Oh Lindsey I love it! I think your sister has that same headband???
    I watch little TV but my obsession runs between the Duggars (they are the best!) and Little House on the Prairie.
    Food - it was homemade granola bars but I made and ate so many of them I can't bring myself to make anymore right now. :-)

  2. I LOVE the Duggars. Like, seriously love them. If I could meet any person IN THE WORLD, I would meet Michelle. No lie. As a mama, seeing another mama of NINETEEN children not get all overwhelmed, stressed, and selfish is AMAZING.