Monday, October 31, 2011

return :)

Hey there blogger friends! We are back from Mexico and still catching up on sleep and laundry.
We had a great trip and so much happened. We had a lot of changes in our plans due to some crazy things happening (hurricane rina!) I will do a big post with all the details and pictures, just wanted to let you know I am still alive!


Friday, October 21, 2011


"I've had people ask me why I think Africa is so impoverished, but these children are not poor. I, as a person who grew up wealthy, am. I put my value in things. These children, having no things, put their value in God. I put my trust in relationships. 
These children, having already seen relationships fail, put their trust in the Lord. This nation is blessed beyond anyplace I have ever encountered. 
God has not forgotten them. 
In fact, I believe He has loved them just a little bit extra."

Excerpt from the book I am currently obsessed with; Kiss from Katie, by Katie Davis

This young lady has an incredible story. 
I have a problem, because I cannot put this book down, but I am also trying to savor it so it will last forever.
Katie volunteered at the same orphanage in Uganda that my Father & I did in 2009.
Though I have never met Katie, she is an incredible inspiration to me and my faith.

Visit her blog here

& don't take my word for it.Go buy her book yourself!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I realized today that I cannot spell the name of the state which I live in without actually spelling it out-letter by letter in my head.
you get the picture.

Sometimes I really really really want to hang up on people at work.

I hate the grocery store.
It gets to the point where we are almost eating dog food before I will drag myself to the store to buy food.

And speaking of dogs; I have been looking at the dog slobbery mess that are my car windows for literally months now, and still have not made the effort to windex those suckers.

Sometimes I go to the bathroom just to run my hands under warm water.
I pretend its a spa for my hands, & I even used to do this in middle school.

I feel pretty cool when I look down & remember I have a tattoo. 

Sometimes I will write out a really nice, long message to someone on facebook, but erase it before I press send because its just been too long since I last spoke with them, and I'm afraid it will come across weird. 

This past Sunday I got really overwhelmed in church with the amount of people in fancy clothes, high heels, bow ties,  jackets, and perfume. I had to close my eyes and pretend I was in a church with a dirt floor in Uganda before I felt okay again.
Most days, I think that's where I wish I was.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

letter to 16 year old me

Dear Lindsey,
Where do I even begin? 16 is a great age, & in general, it treats you well.
You have experienced a lot compared to most people at this age. You have big dreams, and by now, you already realize that there is so much that you want to do, see, & accomplish. 
And you will.

I wish you would push yourself more in school. You are so smart, but so many times, you take the easy way out. You treat High School as more of an extended social event than a learning environment. You could be at the top of your class, and you will go on to be on the deans list each semester in college. You are smart! You just need to learn time management and study skills. Have some of your smart friends help you out!
It will pay off in the future, I promise.

You recently got back from your first missions trip, and got your first taste of Africa. 
Isn't it amazing?
I love going back and reading the journals you kept from that time. Your love for the nation and the people you met shines through in your words.
You will have another opportunity to step back on African soil in the near future. It will be an even better experience the 2nd time around. Keep the memories close to your heart, and never forget how blessed you are for these experiences.
They have changed you as a person and will continue to mold your life each day.

You are currently taking a class in school dealing with early childhood education. You love it because you get to work with 4 and 5 year-olds. It is in this class that your passion to work with young children ignites. Don't question it. 
This is what you love.
People search their entire lives for something that makes their heart happy, and you have found it at the ripe age of 16!
Be thankful. Chase that. Follow it.
Learn as much as you can in this class. Its free education!

You have so many exciting things to look forward to in the next few years.
You will become a dog person.
You will go to Europe.
You will grow spiritually and intellectually.
& you will fall in love.

I don't want to give too much away, but things are going to be pretty good for you.
Enjoy each day.
High school seems like it will last forever, but its really over much too quickly.
Take pictures, right down memories, cherish moments.
Take a stand for what you think, believe, and feel. Don't let others influence you to do things their way. Continue to forge your own path.
It will turn our pretty beautifully.

Oh, and 1 more thing-
Please choose a different color prom dress. Pink just isn't our color!

Love, your 21 year old self

Saturday, October 15, 2011


A week from tomorrow Kevin & I along with a group from our church are heading to Cancun, Mexico.
Honestly, Cancun sounds like such a crazy-non missions trip place to go, but when Kevin and I first heard about this trip we were immediately drawn to it. Cancun is obviously a very ritzy, resort type city. It has beautiful beaches,

crystal clear water, luxury resorts & spas, & is a prime cruise destination.
But there is a very different side to Cancun that many people never hear about. People from this area are living in extreme poverty and very poor conditions. They lack the basic necessities that we take for granted.

We are very excited to work with Vida Life Cancun Church, which was planted by a former member of our current church.
We leave (I can't believe it) next weekend.
Holy cow, I have so much to do! Like, get my passport back from the agency, for example! (long story, but it should arrive in the next few days)
So if you don't see me posting for awhile, it is because I will be faaar away, with hopefully no internet access :)
This is Kevin & I's first missions trip together, and we are very excited to see how God uses our team to reach people in Cancun. We are extremely blessed & lucky to be given this opportunity.
Prayers being accepted for us during this trip!

Friday, October 14, 2011

throwback thursday!

The other night I was at home, flipping through the channels, and much to my delight I saw
Honey I Shrunk the Kids was playing!
I was so excited, I tuned in just in time to see the kids finding the giant oatmeal cream cookie in the backyard.
& make friends with the huge ant.

A few years back when Kevin & I went to MGM at Disney World,
where there is an entire section dedicated to this movie!!
(See the giant cookie?!)

 It definitely brought out the kids in us!

While reminiscing on one of my favorite childhood movies I thought I'd share a few other old school favorites on this throwback Thursday, complements of this pinterest board.

Come along on this journey back in time!!
Circa 1992-96

Stirrup Leggings! I need to be on the hunt for a pair of these, they are amazing!

Countless hours in my Grandparents basement trying to come up with a cool pattern.

Delicious snacks I could make myself! I had this exact model.

I looooved Polly Pocket, but she was so tiny! I unfortunately lost a lot of little Polly's.

I swear I read every single book in this series! I think Morgan and I also tried to create our own Babysitters Club at some point.

So there's some throwbacks for your Thursday! Any fun reoccurring movies/games/clothes from your childhood?

Monday, October 10, 2011


I was never the type of person to collect anything.
1 of anything is enough, why have multiples of the same thing?
When I went to Africa for the first time I came back with a lot of little nick-nacks for me and my family.
Just typical things you would think someone would buy in Africa.
I got my sister a hand carved sling shot, and my mom a decorative wooden bowl.
The thing I kept for myself was this stone elephant.
I mean, I went to Africa and had this little stone elephant to show for it. Very original, right?
When I went to Africa the 2nd time, the orphanage I worked at always gives a small gift to the volunteers at the end of their stay. The director brought me and my dad each a wrapped gift, and she had no idea which gift was in what package.
Well wouldn't you know that my gift was a stone elephant!
This one, to be exact;

Ever since, I have tried to get an elephant at every place I have traveled.
Then, my family members have started giving me elephants from every place they travel.
So, in a way I started collecting elephants!
I have them placed around our apartment, and I thought it would be cool to show them off!

(please excuse my dirty table!)
This little guy came from the US Virgin Islands, where Kevin and I took our honeymoon!
He was just a few dollars in this little trinket shop on the island.
He is my smallest elephant to date.

 This, or these elephants were given to me from my sister, Morgan.
She got them in Botswana when she was there last year!
I love them because they are a 2 for 1 deal, and I love the wood they are made of.

Earlier this year Kevin got to go to Portland Oregon and Washington State for school.
I was supposed to go with him, but couldn't because of work.
I was so excited when he brought me back this little guy from Mt. St. Helens in Washington.
It is made from the ash of the volcano!

This elephant is soo cool.
My sweet Mom got it for me when she was in Israel last year!
Its cool because its the only one in my collection that is metal.

 This is my most recent elephant.
I got him on our recent trip to New Orleans.
Its a pretty generic porcelain elephant from a gift shop, but I love how his little leg is up like he's about to stomp!

I'm excited to add to my collection in our future travels!
Do you have any fun/different collections?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

live show

Even when the rain falls
even when the flood starts rising
even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Saturday, October 8, 2011

it's the little things

Celebrating the little things from this week :)

A fun color on my nails

 (mint sorbet by Sally Hansen)

The smell & feeling of clean laundry!

Long phone convo with my far-away sister
LOVE my sis- and this picture of us from last fall.

Catching a live show of a great band
Needtobreathe in Starkville!

Learning to appreciate the little things in life :)
Happy weekend

Aisle to Aloha

Thursday, October 6, 2011

DIY chalkboard

I've been wanting to make a chalkboard for awhile now, and have just been keeping my eyes peeled for the right picture/frame to begin my project.
Last weekend I found it!
I'm sad I didn't take a picture of the original.
It was $5.00 at a thrift shop. An old worn flower painting with a beeeautiful frame.
I had to have it.
Kevin reached up with his long arms, snatched it up & we were outta there.
We then went to Lowe's so I could get the other item necessary for this project; chalkboard paint.
This little guy was a bit more expensive than my frame, about $15.00 for a quart.

Here's my frame, with the ugly picture already removed.
Isn't it lovely?! I thought about painting the frame too, but decided against it.
This picture doesn't show it too well, but the frame is 2-toned and I really like that aspect of it

So here is the flower picture already painted over once with the chalkboard paint.
I did one coat on Monday night, and the directions tell you to wait 24 hours before you do a 2nd coat.
I definitely needed a 2nd layer because some of the flower was still peaking through.

 Here it is after the 2nd coat. 
You then need to let it dry another 24 hours before writing on it with chalk.
(I may have cheated on this and wrote on it after letting it dry for about 19 hours, and it was ok.) 

After the paint was all (pretty much..) dry (I'm so impatient!) I just clipped it back into the frame just like it was a picture. 
Then I just took some twine to tie in the back to hang my chalkboard up.

And here's the finished product!

I wanted to hang it in a place we could write inspirational things & see it everyday. It hangs right by our front door, so we can read it anytime we are on our way out!

How cool?!
I am now on the search to make anything & everything into a chalkboard!