Monday, October 10, 2011


I was never the type of person to collect anything.
1 of anything is enough, why have multiples of the same thing?
When I went to Africa for the first time I came back with a lot of little nick-nacks for me and my family.
Just typical things you would think someone would buy in Africa.
I got my sister a hand carved sling shot, and my mom a decorative wooden bowl.
The thing I kept for myself was this stone elephant.
I mean, I went to Africa and had this little stone elephant to show for it. Very original, right?
When I went to Africa the 2nd time, the orphanage I worked at always gives a small gift to the volunteers at the end of their stay. The director brought me and my dad each a wrapped gift, and she had no idea which gift was in what package.
Well wouldn't you know that my gift was a stone elephant!
This one, to be exact;

Ever since, I have tried to get an elephant at every place I have traveled.
Then, my family members have started giving me elephants from every place they travel.
So, in a way I started collecting elephants!
I have them placed around our apartment, and I thought it would be cool to show them off!

(please excuse my dirty table!)
This little guy came from the US Virgin Islands, where Kevin and I took our honeymoon!
He was just a few dollars in this little trinket shop on the island.
He is my smallest elephant to date.

 This, or these elephants were given to me from my sister, Morgan.
She got them in Botswana when she was there last year!
I love them because they are a 2 for 1 deal, and I love the wood they are made of.

Earlier this year Kevin got to go to Portland Oregon and Washington State for school.
I was supposed to go with him, but couldn't because of work.
I was so excited when he brought me back this little guy from Mt. St. Helens in Washington.
It is made from the ash of the volcano!

This elephant is soo cool.
My sweet Mom got it for me when she was in Israel last year!
Its cool because its the only one in my collection that is metal.

 This is my most recent elephant.
I got him on our recent trip to New Orleans.
Its a pretty generic porcelain elephant from a gift shop, but I love how his little leg is up like he's about to stomp!

I'm excited to add to my collection in our future travels!
Do you have any fun/different collections?

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