Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's Halloweeeeen!!

We had the honor of attending a pretty hoppin' costume party on Saturday night.
Kevin and I went as Jim & Pam from our beloved tv show The Office.
It was quick & easy costumes for us to wear-and (however embarrassing this may be) everything was pulled straight from our closet :)
Here was our final look.

Oh, and yes, I went as pregnant Pam.
(I had to stay true to the story line!)
This caused for a bit of confusion with the other party members whom I am never met before.
Sorry folks- it was just a few dish towels I stuffed up there :)

Did we nail it?

& our friends went as zombie killers!
Complete with fake blood & bandages.
Very intense.

Giant Mexico post to come!
stay tuned

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