Friday, October 14, 2011

throwback thursday!

The other night I was at home, flipping through the channels, and much to my delight I saw
Honey I Shrunk the Kids was playing!
I was so excited, I tuned in just in time to see the kids finding the giant oatmeal cream cookie in the backyard.
& make friends with the huge ant.

A few years back when Kevin & I went to MGM at Disney World,
where there is an entire section dedicated to this movie!!
(See the giant cookie?!)

 It definitely brought out the kids in us!

While reminiscing on one of my favorite childhood movies I thought I'd share a few other old school favorites on this throwback Thursday, complements of this pinterest board.

Come along on this journey back in time!!
Circa 1992-96

Stirrup Leggings! I need to be on the hunt for a pair of these, they are amazing!

Countless hours in my Grandparents basement trying to come up with a cool pattern.

Delicious snacks I could make myself! I had this exact model.

I looooved Polly Pocket, but she was so tiny! I unfortunately lost a lot of little Polly's.

I swear I read every single book in this series! I think Morgan and I also tried to create our own Babysitters Club at some point.

So there's some throwbacks for your Thursday! Any fun reoccurring movies/games/clothes from your childhood?


  1. haha love this ... brings me back big time ... and i was always so scared to watch honey i shrunk the kids!

  2. I always wanted a Easy Bake Oven. My Step Dad finally got me one for Christmas....when I was 24. And like any child on Christmas Day I got it out and used it. I think it was in our attic until last summer when it finally made its way to the Rescue Mission!