Wednesday, November 2, 2011

the DL on Mexico

alas- I have secure internet access & my pictures are uploaded!
We left for Mexico Saturday morning & arrived in Cancun by mid-afternoon. 
Our first night consisted of getting settled & eating some amazing food.
(life-changing tacos)

The next day was Sunday, and we went to 2 seperate services in Cancun;
1 in the morning and 1 at night.
This is a photo of some of the members of the 2nd church we went to that day.
This is also the church & the community we worked with the next few days.
They were beautiful.

Monday & Tuesday I got to play with plenty of adorable children.
It was pretty awesome.
Even with the language barrier, we were able to communicate & get to know each other.

We were able to give away some clothes to these lovely ladies.

Monday & Tuesday Kevin and some of the other guys were hard at work updating the building on the church grounds. The church hopes to use it for a feeding program for the community.

Wednesday afternoon is when we found out we would have to leave Cancun because Hurricane Rina was heading right towards us.
We were able to take a quick trip to the beach before it started raining- and then we took a bus to Merida, Mexico. Merida is further inland on the Yucatan Peninsula so we were safer there away from the storm. 

(more good food!)

This was dinner once we arrived in Merida-very tired, but happy to be there.

On Thursday we got to take a bus a short distance to see Mayan ruins!
This is something I've always wanted to do (history dork) and I didn't think I'd be given the chance on this trip.
It was amazing!

By the ruins, there was a natural sink hole/spring with crystal clear water that we were able to swim in.
Needless to say, it was also-amazing!

This photo was taken Thursday night back in Merida.
By this point we knew we'd be catching a flight home Friday morning, so we were trying to soak in our last bit  of Mexican culture.
Merida is an absolutely beautiful city with loads of culture & history.
& anywhere this is culture+history in the same places equals love for this travel bug/history dork :)

All in all, our trip was incredible. There were a few road bumps, what with the hurricane & all! Kevin & I both wish we could have stayed in Cancun longer and had more time to work on the church & help in the community. But God had His hand over everything and the trip worked out exactly the way is was supposed to.
We were able to see a 2nd Mexican city and experience other pretty cool things.
Now- off to plan our next adventure..


  1. a trip to Canada in the winter is a great idea!

  2. Awesome pictures Lindsey! Glad you made a good trip and made it home safely.