Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I am blank

I am weird because...
I make up goofy songs about what I'm doing in that moment.
I have glasses but never wear them.
I quite frequently talk in a British accent.
Peanut butter is one of my main food groups. (crunchy, please)
I enjoy the smell of gasoline quite nicely.
I don't like Harry Potter.
I love the antiques road show.

I am a bad friend because...
I will read a text, think of how I want to respond, and then forget to text back.
I am horrible at remembering birthdays, even with facebook reminders.
I get people mixed up.
I'm the worst person ever at remembering names, even if you just said it 12 seconds ago.

*side note*--it sounds like I have all the common symptoms of alzheimer's?!

I am a good friend because...
I remember details and stories.
I love to give gifts.
I'm goofy looking, so you'll most likely always look good standing next to me ;)
I have a sarcastic comment for most situations.
I love road trips- you can come along!

I am sad because...
I miss our dog, Oscar (who is being boarded right now)
I miss Kevin (who is in DC while I am in Gettysburg)
I miss Africa (which is in Africa while I am in Gettysburg)
I have only 4 days left at home.

I am happy because...
Thanksgiving is the best holiday ever, and it is 2 days away :)
I love Kevin.
I love our Mississippi Family.
I will go back to Africa one day.
I have 4 whole days left at home.

I am excited for...
Returning to my new job, which I am completely loving.
Seeing old friends from home today & tomorrow.
Giving Kevin a sweet gift I got him last night.
The peppermint patties that are sitting in a dish in my parents living room.

the end.


  1. I think you are completely precious!! I can't wait to hear your British accent!! I also love the smell of gasoline and I look forward to hearing these songs you make up!! ;) ps DSP misses u too!!

  2. love this list! so glad that you love your new job.. so hard to find an enjoyable job! :)

    happy thanksgiving!