Tuesday, November 29, 2011

probably more pictures than you care to view

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania was wonderful.
 Kevin & I had an incredible trip, and got to spend tons of time with our friends & family.
I pretty much want to be back there right now, but pictures will have to do.
Here's a whole slew of 'em for ya :)

This is my parents dog, Freddy. He & Kevin have a special bond. 
(Kevin is actually a dog-whisperer)

After arriving in PA, Kevin wanted to surprise his mom & sister at work the next morning. We got into town earlier than we had expected and they didn't know we were there yet!
Kevin bought some flowers to take then & got all dressed up.
He's cute :)

I told you he's a dog-whisperer!! 

We had a bonfire on Wednesday night.

 My un-biased opinion is that PA has the most beautiful sunsets ever.
(ok, I might be a little biased)

Mario Brothers on my parents old school nintendo?! Yes please!

Dinner with my lovely home-friends!
Check out my friend Megan's Blog HERE

Aww, aren't my parents the cutest?

Shopping with my sister-we tend to get a little goofy :)

Thanksgiving day; we go to Kevin's Grandparents house in Baltimore MD. They have lived in the same house for over 50 years! It is beautiful with a ton of cool old stuff.

We then went to my Aunt & Uncles house, also in MD.
Maryland is quite beautiful. 

 This photo was taken from the tippy top point of their
A-frame house.

Thanksgiving pool game in the basement.
Kevin beat me quite badly :( 

Funny pictures with my cute cousin, Sage :)

Friday, this was our THIRD Thanksgiving!
Me & my cute Mom :)

Saturday, right before Kevin & I left, my whole family in front of my parents house.

Missin' their sweet faces already.

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