Wednesday, November 9, 2011

southern livin'

People always ask me  what the biggest differences are between living in the North and the South. Honestly, there are too many to name. I often feel like I need a passport to go back & forth between the 2! I'd like to say it wasn't a culture shock or an adjustment for me when we first moved here (almost a year ago!) but that would be a lie. There were a lot of things that caught be off-guard & I'm still learning & hearing new things all the time! It really is such a different environment. Since a lot of my readers are Northern folk-I thought it would be cool to do a little lesson in Southern living.
So open your notebooks, friends, you have a lot to learn!

We will start with word translation.
In the South, someone might say, "Oh yeah, Andrew & them are my Kin-folk!" The Yankee translation of this seemingly simple sentence is, "Yes, we're related to Andrew!"

I've heard people use this sentence before; "She's fixin' to take a tee-tee." I know what you're thinking Yankees, no, the girl in this sentence isn't about to repair a tee-pee. Northern Translation; "She's about to use the bathroom."

A 'Happy' is another new phrase I've heard a lot in the South. Someone might give a happy to a friend who's had a bad day. It's like a small gift or treat, just to be nice. How sweet!

Ok, here's a bad one that I've caught myself using.
"I might could do that." instead of "I might be able to" or "I could probably do that"
Yikes. Grammar police are after me, huh?

Oh, lets do food!
food down here is so crazy. They have these little cake things called Petite Fours, and they are just as adorable and scrumptious as the name makes them out to be.
Cheese straws, every heard of these, Northerners? Me either..
They are kind of like crackery thingys? jeesh.. I dont know. Have a look for yourself-

     Don't ask me where they come from or how you make them. All I know is they are yummy and most likely packed full of calories.

It is truly incredible how much fried chicken these people can put away.
Really, it's inspiring. There are fried chicken places absolutely everywhere. It is a Southern food staple.

Never had it or heard of it before we moved here.
I'm still not 100% positive what exactly it is, but I do know people like it fried.

Lets move on to wardrobe/clothing
Ok, first off, if you are going to church in the south you pretty much need to dress like you are going to meet the Queen of England, and have tea afterwards in her castle. 
Got it?
I mean, I know I have about 756 fancy dresses in my closet with the  matching shoes, purses, & hair accessories for each one.
No big deal.

Moving right along,
Guys, you know those thing you can put on your glasses so they hang around your neck so you don't loose them? Like Erkel had?

Yup. I see tons of guys here wearing these things!
they use them on their sunglasses & they're more like this;

But the same general idea. So funny!

Ok, last thing is Chacos. Have you heard of these things?

They are these crazy sandal looking things, but people wear them hiking and stuff.
Maybe these have become popular up north too, I just feel like I'm seeing them everywhere recently! Kevin even tried to talk me into getting a pair. Ha! Then the grammar and the fashion police would be after me!
(totally kidding to my chaco-wearing friends!)
I hope you all enjoyed this journey and maybe learned a thing or two about our sweet southern neighbors. & people from the south- I hope I at least got a few things right!
Can you relate? or was I way off?

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