Saturday, December 31, 2011

1 year in 1 post

Wow 2011;
You were cray-cray.
I can't believe Kevin and I have actually lived in Mississippi for 1 entire YEAR!
That is huge.

Last year we rang in 2011 with some sparkling cider & some redbox dvd's, because we had zero friends here. I don't even think we stayed up until midnight!
1 year later we have been blessed with wonderful friends who are like family, and so many beautiful memories from this past year.
January & February were tough. We were newbies. 1,000 miles away from home, but it felt more like a million. Kevin started school/his new job & I started pounding the pavement looking for work. It didn't happen quickly and I was bored a lot.
(I'm sorry, but I don't think I have 1 photo to document these 2 months. Pretty sad)
March is when I started working at my old job.
March was a great month because we got to go to Orlando and see my family for the first time since our move!
Then my mom & sister came back with us to MS to see our new home!
(ps-this is not our home, this was actually at the airport. We do not live at the airport.)

April was a lovely month.
We started making more friends here.
& we met the Easter bunny!
I also got to take a roadtrip to Nashville to see some beautiful friends from home! 

In May, we got to take our first trip back to PA since our move.
It was some much needed time spent at HOME :)
(and Olive Garden..)

May is also when Chesapeake had her puppies!

We spent all of June taking care of them & watching them grow :)
(all 6!)

In July, Kevin and I celebrated 2 years of marriage, & 1 fun anniversary shoot :)

August is when we got to see my sweet fam again!
This time with a trip to Gatlinburg TN, where we got this classy photo taken;

Also in August- the birth of this blog!
What a great month.

September is my own birth month, & we celebrated by taking a trip to New Orleans with some sweet friends.

October was our trip to Mexico!
What a beautiful place with beautiful people. I am so happy for that experience.

November was our big road trip back home for Thanksgiving.
That 15+hour drive was so worth it.

And now, December-here we are!
I am so happy to have this blog to document our lives lately. It'll be so much fun to go back through and remember things we might have forgotten :)
2012 has a lot to live up to.


  1. What a wonderful year for you two! I'm very proud of you for all that you have done within that year. Miss you girl!