Monday, December 19, 2011

2nd edition

A few months back I wrote this post about things we were obsessed with at the time.
It's so funny to me how people and couples go through stages of things they are really into. Whether its a restaurant, tv show, or whatever.
It was so fun to write that post so I'm doing another one.
Things we are currently obsessed with; December Edition.

My Christmas Smelling Candle
Kevin got me this candle as a gift a month or so back, right when we were getting in the holiday spirit. It is absolutely perfect & I'll tell you why; we are one of the many folks who use a fake Christmas tree. Yep- that's right, completely artificial.
The tree was given to us by my Grandparents and we are so thankful for it. The only thing that we don't love about our fake tree is we don't get the lovely aroma of pine needles in our home! This is where my magic candle comes in. It literally smells like we are living in a Christmas tree farm!! It is sooo incredible. 
I sit it on our table right next to our tree and wa-la! We get the best of both worlds. Lovely smell & no real-tree mess.

Hanging with friends
You've all heard of words with friends, right? Here is another completely addicting game that's very similar, but this version is actually hang-man.
It's SO fun.
Just like words with friends you play other people in live games. I don't know what else to say about this other than it's addicting and I'm pretty bad at it. So play me!

Yes, I admit, this is a weird one. Let me explain;
When Kevin and I were driving back to MS from Thanksgiving in PA, we found ourselves in Roanoke Virginia. We stopped to eat and I asked Kevin if Roanoke VA had anything to do with the lost colony of Roanoke from back in the day. I have always been fascinated by that piece of history (nerd) and wanted to learn more about it.
So we pulled Wikipedia up (I love my iphone) and we read all about the lost colony of Roanoke over our dinner. Very scholarly of us.
Anywho, the current Roanoke VA is not where the lost colony was..well, lost. It went down somewhere else in VA near the coast (For those of you who were wondering)
Ever since that little incident with Wikipedia, I have been looking up a lot of stuff on that little ole website! People used to say it wasn't very accurate, but I think more recently it has gotten a lot better.
Your thoughts on Wikipedia?

Storage Wars 
Ok, seriously-I am obsessed with this show. It is so addicting, I will watch 3 episodes before I even realize it. It's a show on A&E about people who make their living from buying abandoned storage lockers and then re-selling the contents. It follows 3 guys and 1 married couple. It gets intense at points because everyone is bidding against each other for certain lockers. AND they can't go inside the locker or dig around in it until after they buy it. I get so excited to see who will win what & what they will find inside!
Note* - A&E just came out with another show called Storage Wars Texas. Its exactly the same show but with people from Texas, and it stinks. Don't waste your time. Watch the original fo sho.

Welp, that's the end of that one. Go get obsessed with the stuff we are currently lovin'!

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