Friday, December 23, 2011

cross-country move?

I seemed to have taken an unintentional bloggy-break.
My sincerest aplogies :)
I'm BACK!! 
(fyi, I just spelled 'back' 'bak' and had to backspace & correct it.) 

Today in the lovely town of Starkville Mississippi, it was rainy and dreary all day.
You might think I would complain about the constant rain & wet condition of my feet, but I actually loved it.
I really don't know why, but I absolutely love rainy days.
I think mostly its because they are a great excuse to be able to curl up with a book and be completely unproductive all day long.
But even today, while I worked 9ish hours, I was so happy with the gloomy weather outside.
I mentioned to someone today I love it so much I think I'd like to live in Seattle one day. She asked me if I'd ever been to Seattle...
Stupid Kevin got to go earlier this year for "work."
Technically, he went to Portland OR, and a few towns in Washington. Not Seattle, but the general area.
Close enough, in my book.
Why on earth would I say I'd like to live somewhere that I've never even been before?
3 things:

1. As I've previously mentioned; I like rain.
I hear Seattle is pretty good at that.

2. The first Starbuck ever is in Seattle.
Obvious win.

3. It is where the fictional TV show Grey's Anatomy takes place.
(please don't judge me too hard) 
All of these reasons combined leads me to believe that I'd really like this city.
Just a glimpse into my completely ridiculous thought process :)

Have a beautiful Friday, my friends!
PS. Christmas is 3 days away!

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