Wednesday, December 14, 2011

pre-teen fascination?

Last weekend Kevin and I had an impromptu Pirates of the Caribbean TV marathon. 3 of the 4 movies just happened to be on tv and we just happened to be in our lazy clothes with nothing else to do. Win/Win!
While watching these flicks I was reminded of a time in young Lindsey's life when she was so transfixed with the young actor, Orlando Bloom, she could barely think of much else.
Seriously folks, it was bad.
He was my serious pre-teen crush.
I was first introduced to Orlando (ha!) through the Lord of the Ring movies, in which he playing a cute, long haired, fighter elf.
What more could a girl as for?

The obsession grew quickly, and I soon became transfixed with all things LOTR, seeing one movie after the other. And yes, even though I hate to admit it, I was the crazy girl in the theater shreaking each time his sweet face came on screen. I sincerely apologize to anyone who might have been in that theater.

But oh yes, I had it bad for Orlando.
And if you don't believe me take a look at an old journal/diary I found from my adolescence.
Um..yeah. Clippings.
And lets take it a step further, people.
This just gives you a little idea of how far gone I was.
I mean, this is like something out of a psycho stalker movie, am I right?
Pretty sure I also made my friends call me Lindsey Bloom at some point too.

But thankfully, by the time the Pirates movies rolled around my enthusiasm had cooled down a bit. Although I would still go to sleep most nights wishing I was Keira Knightly.. (who doesn't?)
So tell me people, who was you extreme to the point of embarrassing pre-teen crush??


  1. Wow ok....even a journal....with your name as his :-)
    At least I now know where Ally gets her boy crazy obsessiveness from. Though I believe her obsession is a bit in any guy with abs of steel.

  2. Haha wow you were crazy but let's not forget your shirt that said "Orlando makes me sweat" haha lame.

  3. Hi Lindsey, I'm visiting from Casey Leigh's linkup. Loved this post -- gave me a great chuckle. My embarrassing crush was Jon Bon Jovi. I thought he was the bee's knees. Haha! Don't worry -- we all went through it (and to your defense, Orlando is pretty darned cute). Merry Christmas!