Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 I don't know about you, but it is actually really hard for me to buy something that isn't on sale. I have always been a bargain shopper; and usually, the clearance rack is the first thing I head to in a store. This past weekend we did a little shopping and I got some great deals!
& I kinda feel that the only thing better than scoring great deals is sharing/bragging about them to other people!
So indulge me :)

The first thing were these super-cute socks-
I know what you're thinking; socks? Yes, socks. But these were actually an unintentional buy. See, we were going bowling with some friends, when I realized that I was wearing my toms. 
No socks+bowling alley shoes= yuck.
So we stopped at wal greens where I found these cute little guys! & we ended up not even going bowling. ($4 cover charge just to get into the bowling alley?! Come on Starkville!) But I'm so happy about my star-y socks anyway :)

OPI Nail polish- $4.99!!!
I found this little gem on clearance at Ulta. It's called steady as she rose. I'm not too much of a nail polish snob (have you ever met one of those?!) but I might start to be, because this stuff is awesome! It's not all goopy like the cheap stuff I usually get, and dried really fast too.

This snazzy headband at Charlotte Russe- $2.99!!

How cute?!
I'm a total sucker for anything turquoise lately, and if you can stick it in my hair then all the better.
love this little thing :)
A few other items to add to the list was a scarf for $9.50 and some sunglasses for about the same price! 
woop woop!
I love not spending money I don't have ;)