Friday, January 27, 2012

big girl list

The other day I was walking int work, satchel over my shoulder, fumbling with keys, and I glanced down at my beautiful watch (Christmas gift from Kevin. Good job babe!) to check the time. All of a sudden, in that moment, I felt like such an adult. And not just an adult, but a classy adult
Big difference. 
But yeah- I felt like such a big girl! I really think it had to do with the fact that I checked my wrist watch for the time instead of looking at my phone. (Or the fact that I was even wearing a wrist watch.)
Whatever spawned this feeling, it got me to thinking about other habits or instances in which I feel grown up and/or classy. Am I weird for thinking about this? Probably so, but I did come up with a pretty good list of things. & I knew you'd all be dying to know so here they are;

Ordering 'water with lemon' when eating out

Writing a check

The fact that I have Pride and Prejudice downloaded on my kindle right now. (even though it doesn't currently stand a chance against the Hunger Games.)

When someone asks the date and I actually know it.

That one time last Summer Kevin and I went to our local farmer's market & bought home made jam!

So, that is all.
I must be off to do more grown up things. watching a red box DVD and eating cheese..


  1. I feel like a grown up when I go to the post office, or compare prices online shopping, and when I need to go down most of the grocery aisles haha

  2. Next step - making your own jam..... :-)