Friday, January 20, 2012


It seems lately, I've been having a few 'bleh' days.
Have you ever had one of those?
It's not really a 'bad' day, just a
yep, just call me Webster.
Anywho, the other night I felt the urge to read through some of my old journals. I've been writing on and off since I was about twelve. All of my journals occupy a bottom bookshelf in our living room. Every now and then I like to pull one out and read a random entry. I even found one where I wrote about the first time I shaved my legs! haha yes, such important things to write about as a 12-year old .
The  entry I stumbled upon last night was dated February 23rd 2009. I was in Uganda. I start out the page by writing how much I didn't feel like writing that day. I'm so glad I did anyway.
On this day I went with my dad and some others to an orphanage called 'Our own Home.'
If I remember correctly there were between 30-40 children at this home. What I do remember for certain was that each one of these lovely children were HIV positive. I remember they showed us around this place they called home, showing us their beds and drawings they had hung on the walls. Then they took us outside and all lined up because they wanted to sing a song for us.
It was so beautiful.
The song went like this;

I have a living hope.
 I have a future.
God has a plan for me.
Of this I'm sure, of this I'm sure!

Is this something to give you some perspective on life or what?
40 beautiful children most under the age of 10 with a deadly, incurable illness singing about how God has a future and plan for their lives; which is completely true
And here I am grumbling through my easy-peasy American life, never encountering anything or anyone that might be somewhat life threatening to me at all. What right do I have to be down about anything?
I have it so good!
I didn't go through all of this to bring guilt to anyone, and I'm not saying that I'm never going have a bad (or bleh) day. Of course things happen! But how often do the little things that get under my skin have no significance at all? And most often I let those little things completely ruin my day.
I hope I can remember these sweet little ones I met in Uganda, who smile through the storm.
They put their hope in the one who never lets us down.
I hope I can remember that and smile too.
Even on my bleh days.

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  1. I have had a couple of those days in a row! Thanks for helping me remember the promise I believe in!