Saturday, January 14, 2012


This past week;

in one word or phrase- I blinked and it was over. (I still can't believe it's 2012?!)

I'm dreaming of you- plane ticket home. 1 more paycheck and I should be able to finally purchase you!

song on repeat- Jesus Culture; You are Faithful.I cry out for love, you set me apart.

gotta write it down-"If grace is water then the church should be an ocean. It's not a museum of good people; it's a hospital for the broken." --Guy from this video

lesson learned- Skyping friends and family is magic. Why don't I use that more often?

highlight of the week- Getting some fro-yo with good friends, which I had been craving for ages! (hot fudge on top; please & thank you.)

picture to frame- Sweet puppies :)

weekend to do list- Relaaxxx! Long week ahead. Also I should probably think about dusting the apartment. (think about it..)

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