Tuesday, February 28, 2012

dear roller rink,

I'm so glad we got re-acquainted last week when I was home. I think the last time I'd visited you my mouth was full of metal and was I wearing a slap bracelet.
 Thanks for reminding me how fun it is to act a fool with my sisters and not really care who was or wasn't watching. (Although I'm pretty sure they were)
However, Roller rink; I must admit that I didn't enjoy the giant bruises I got during the failed attempt to push my sister across the rink.
Oh, well.. I think it was worth it.
Until next time,
PS. My southern friends make fun of me for calling you a 'roller rink.' They say you're called a 'skating rink,' but I think we both know who's right ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This week was spent in Pennsylvania.
My time there was short but very sweet. I didn't get to spend time with everyone I would have liked to, or do everything I had wanted, but it was still wonderful. And I think everything fell into place just right.
I got to spend a lot of time with my mom, which was so fun. One afternoon we were driving around Gettysburg, and I realized just how very close to my heart that town is. It's a funny thing how memories work. They all seemed to come flooding back to me though, just driving along old roads I hadn't been down in awhile.
Gettysburg is where I was born. It's where I went to elementary & middle school. Its where I got my first job when I was 14, and where I met Kevin only a few years later. It's also where (in the picture above) he proposed to me, on the absolute coldest day in the history of the world; November 16th 2008.
& it's where, a few months later we got married.
Such a beautiful place, with even better memories to accompany the places.
It was so nice to be home.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

sushi on the town

No blogging for an entire week; whhaaaat?!
I know people, life have been crazy up in here.
But as I type this long over-due post I'm seated in one of my favorite places in the world; my parents living room. In a big comfy chair that they happen to have.
Yes, PA is wonderful and beautiful and I am so happy for this short trip home.
The pictures above were taken on a date Kevin and I took right before I skipped town. (poor Kev couldn't make the trip home with me. Had to stay back and do adult-things, like grad school. Boo!)
Good thing he's cute ;)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

when I was little..

I thought that all cats were girls and all dogs were boys.

I called bathing suits, "babing suits"
and volleyball "bollyball"

My honest-to-goodness biggest fear was getting a splinter in my finger, so I'd stay away from wood surfaces.

I thought teachers lived at school

I stuck a bead up my nose to "look like Rudolph." Which landed me a nice little trip to the hospital :)

Push-pops lived in Grandma's downstairs freezer and never ran out.

My stuffed animals came to life whenever I'd leave the room. (Thats right, I'm the genius behind Toy Story!)

I thought it was so cool my mom could write in another language, aka cursive.

Taking my training wheels off my first bike was pretty much risking my life
 But I survived,
& lived to tell about it.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

coffee date

If we had a coffee date.
I'd invite you in, and probably apologize for the amount of dog hair that is currently occupying all of our carpet space. (dyson=dream)
I'd probably pour you a big cup and ask if you like creamer, because we have a really good kind we've been using.(Italian Sweet Cream, by Coffeemate)
I'd talk about how freaking excited I am to go home to Pennsylvania to visit my family and see old friends.
I'd tell you that my sweet friend from home is going to cut my hair, & I'm so excited for a change :) I might also admit how terribly obsessed I've become with Zooey Deschannel lately, which might have definitely has spurred my desire to have bangs..
I'd also tell you I'm going to miss my dear husband so much over those few days, and that I've already tried to convince him to stow-away in my luggage :)
I might tell you how work, and life in general has been so crazy lately. Sometimes its hard to find a quiet minute.
I would tell you about things and people I have been praying for.
And about the little things I've been hearing God whisper.
I'd probably say how sorry I am that those moments are few and far between, lately.
But that I'm trying to do better.
I'd probably have no trouble admitting that Kevin and I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for Valentines day.
I might ask if you find it just as over-rated as I do..
Please agree, even if it's only to make me feel better :)
How was your week, friend?
Linking up with the rags to stitches blog today :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

night in

I heart snickers ice-cream bars.
I heart heart snickers ice-cream bars while watching the office.
I heart my chocolate-smelling candle.
Oscar is cute.
nights in are legit.
(*Disclaimer- I did not eat 2 snickers ice-cream bars. One was for Kev.)

Monday, February 6, 2012

martian nails

Last weekend I painted my nails blue, and they lasted all week long!
Anytime I looked down I pretty much felt like a rock star.
I'd call that a pretty successful week :)
(T-minus 14 days until PA trip! eeeek!!)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

to do;

So lately I've been coming across these lists & pictures on pinterest of things that people want to do before they die.
Have you seen these things?
Its really interesting to look through and see what some people truly aspire to do with their lives. Some of them are super lame. Like, 'Meet Zac Efron.' or 'Wear a Disney princess dress to my wedding.' My personal favorite was; 'Have someone I love make me a heart shaped pizza.' I'm not making this stuff up, people! There is a whole website dedicated to the fine art of bucket-listing.
I made my own board on pinterest involving these things, but I only included ones I have already done, or things I have already accomplished. 
Some of them include;
Go snorkeling.
Visit ground zero
Hold a lion cub.
Meet someone famous.
Rescue an animal.
Take a yoga class.
Go on safari.

Check, Check, & Check!

But it got me thinking about my current bucket list and all I have yet to check off. I don't have a timeline for any of these things, nor do I really have any agenda as to how or when I will accomplish them. But I think its good to set goals and I'm hoping that if I read over this list in a few years I can say, "oh! I did that!" Check.

Bucket list
Be part of a flash mob
Publish something I’ve written
Create a piece of art
Sell something on etsy
Go snowboarding
Make a delicious stew
Take a cross country road trip
Go to a movie by myself
Be in all of my sister’s weddings
Take a dance class
Go to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
Pay for the person’s toll behind me
Get on a 1-way plane ride
Sail a boat
Meet and hug Liam Neeson (I was serious about this!!)
Make a wax candle
Read 10 of the 100 best novels by the NY times (have read 3)
Knit something of use (a zig-zaggy jumble of yarn does not count!)
Have an underwater photo session
Paint each toe a different color
Buy/live in an RV
Mail a friend a spontaneous letter/gift
Go to a Steelers game
Learn photoshop
Enroll in a sign language class (again)
Visit every State
Make up my own recipe
Sing at a karaoke club
Go camping in the redwoods
Play an awesome prank on someone
Swim with dolphins
I'd like to think mine are a tad better than Zac Efron & heart shaped pizzas, no? ;)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

please don't call PETA on me

So I've begun to realized how many silly pictures I've taken/posted/shared/mass texted to random people of our sweet pup, Chesapeake.
These pictures really make me giggle. 
Chesapeake always seems to find herself in funny situations, or its more like I place her in funny situations.
Enjoy :)