Saturday, February 11, 2012

coffee date

If we had a coffee date.
I'd invite you in, and probably apologize for the amount of dog hair that is currently occupying all of our carpet space. (dyson=dream)
I'd probably pour you a big cup and ask if you like creamer, because we have a really good kind we've been using.(Italian Sweet Cream, by Coffeemate)
I'd talk about how freaking excited I am to go home to Pennsylvania to visit my family and see old friends.
I'd tell you that my sweet friend from home is going to cut my hair, & I'm so excited for a change :) I might also admit how terribly obsessed I've become with Zooey Deschannel lately, which might have definitely has spurred my desire to have bangs..
I'd also tell you I'm going to miss my dear husband so much over those few days, and that I've already tried to convince him to stow-away in my luggage :)
I might tell you how work, and life in general has been so crazy lately. Sometimes its hard to find a quiet minute.
I would tell you about things and people I have been praying for.
And about the little things I've been hearing God whisper.
I'd probably say how sorry I am that those moments are few and far between, lately.
But that I'm trying to do better.
I'd probably have no trouble admitting that Kevin and I have absolutely no plans whatsoever for Valentines day.
I might ask if you find it just as over-rated as I do..
Please agree, even if it's only to make me feel better :)
How was your week, friend?
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  1. thanks for the coffee date.. don't mind dog hair HA! i hope you have a great time back home and can not wait to see your new hair cut!