Monday, March 5, 2012

anatomy of a husband-less Sunday

This weekend Kevin was out of town for work/school.
This stinks, because I really like Kevin, and we spend a lot of time together ;)
Luckily, we have really awesome friends who will let me hang out with them even when my better half is not present. This is what I did all of Friday night & Saturday, but Sunday I spent most of the day on my own.
Here's how it went.
Waking up, getting ready & going to church. What an awesome way to spend the morning! Today's service was SO good. I wish everyday could start with a few good hours of church!
(I didn't take a picture to document this time in my day, but I pretty much felt like this)
Super excited & happy after church! Ready to start my week :)
Come home.
I felt the need to take pictures of the bangarang mugs I bought at dirt cheap for under 4 bucks!
Seriously.. how cute?!
Realize there is absolutely nothing good on TV.
Take a picture of my sweet chalkboard.
It makes me happy :)
Oscar falls asleep on the couch.
I go; "awww"

I decided I was really hungry.
Pasta it is!

Eat a late (and incredibly unhealthy) lunch, complete with OJ in bangargan mug.
I realize I do not have a single tuperware container with a matching lid to put the leftovers in.
Tuperware Fail.

Kevin is HOME!
(no picture to document this either but I was pretty much like this again)

Hoping you all had a splendid Sunday!


  1. haha this is such a cute post! cute blog!

    Jenna Duty

  2. LOL! Great post.