Saturday, March 31, 2012

bits & pieces

Lovely weather this past week has meant lots of trips with the doggies to the park! I really think our dogs understand English, but they only know certain words. 'Park' for instance, hike, ride, outside, and CAT! are a few that they know especially well :) But the park allows our pups to make friends & sniff things for hours upon hours-which is all they ever really want to do anyway.
This nice weather also caused me to dust off a few spring dresses and allow them to see the light of day again! (please be kind enough to ignore my white as copy paper legs. No melanoma for me!!)
We joined so friends last night for sushi & hibachi for a birthday celebration! Our hibachi person was so skilled-look how fast his little hands were moving! (*side note*- the gentleman to the right in this picture was a complete stranger who dined with us. We have reason to believe he is a foreign diplomat.)
& I will leave you with this little nugget I came across in my reading today. It reminds me not to judge others too quickly; because I don't know the whole story. I don't know where they've been, and I certainly don't know where they're going.
Have a great weekend, friends! We are celebrating Kevin's 2_th birthday tomorrow! (poor guy'd be mad if I told ya ;))

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