Friday, March 2, 2012

built on love

Last week when I was home I was able to spend some time with my Grandparents. Kevin & I are both really lucky when it comes to grandparents. We had all 8 total still living up until just last year when Kevin's Grandfather passed. We are so blessed by the 7 we have with us, and even though they are all far away we love spending time with them when we can. Kevin even has a tattoo idea in the works that will be dedicated to our Grandparents!

Anywho, my Mom's parents have lived in the same house since my Mom was an infant. Such a long time! (no offense, Mom..)  So many memories from my childhood took place in that house.We had numerous Summer picnics, Easter egg hunts, and family get togethers there over the years. My family and I even lived there for a short time when I was young, and its where I first learned to ride my bike!

The time has come for my Grandparents to down-size and they have found a lovely, and more manageable place. I got to visit the old home for the last time while I was there and even got to take a few keepsakes with me.
Such a beautiful place with beautiful memories.

Honestly, I can't imagine them living anywhere else.
It will just be a new place, with new memories to make & new pictures to take :)
 This is my younger sister. I made her pose with this decorative lighthouse before we left because when she was 11 or so, she ran over it with a tractor. Then our Grandpa ran after her shouting profanities.
Like I said; beautiful memories :)


  1. Oh Lindsey you and Kevin are so blessed to have had all grandparents that long. I lost my last grandparent when I was 22 years old. He got to see his only great-granddaughter right before he passed. Jamie was only 6 months old when he died. I lost my grandma's when I was in 4th and 7th grades. I was unfortuate that I lost dad's dad when I was only 2. Cherish your memories and make new ones. Jim just lost his last grandfather 2 years ago. He was 92. Happy you got to spend time with them and at the homestead.

  2. OK, now you made me cry. Just remembering my Grandma's house. It was THE place for the 4 of us kids to go to for love and encouragement and fun time and work times too. The garden...ahhh! Such a special thing to have a grandparents house in your childhood memories. I think that is why I chose to have my grandson call me Grandma instead of some cutesy new name like a lot of my peers are doing for their grandchildren. Grandma says it all, I sure hope I live up to be that special person in my grandson's life that will always bring a smile or a tear when all is said and done. Our grandparents house was sold also and wow, seeing that happen was very difficult. My siblings and I will have those forever memories just like you and your sisters will. Milestones, whew, they just keep coming don't they? I know you will keep all this close to your heart Lindsey, thanks for sharing! And thanks for letting us in a little bit. Linda

  3. grandparents are an amazing thing, i've learned alot from mine... there always a place to go home to as well! beautiful post!

  4. So sweet! All four of my grandparents have passed, so know how truly blessed you are. Nothing like going to the grandparents house.:)

  5. That is such a huge blessing to have had all of the grandparents for so long!! I love that it used to be common for families to buy a house... and stay in it. And not that long ago! I lived in the same house I was born in up until I got married. I really long for that for our family: to finally have a place that I know our grandkids will be visiting when we grow old.