Monday, March 19, 2012


Because I've grown up in the church, I feel like there are all these little words or phrases that many Christian people use. Maybe because there are so many, or maybe it's because I hear them so often-- I hardly notice them anymore. For example, referring to something or someone as a 'blessing.' Total churchism!
Theres this one phrase that I feel we use a lot.
"God will never give you more than you can handle."
 If I'm being completely honest I had someone tell me that just this week.
There's also a song that I feel has been on repeat on the radio station we listen to at work. The lyrics go, "He said, I will never give you more than you can take. I might let you bend, but I won't let you break."
That 1 phrase has been really heavy on my heart lately (ha! another churchism!)
But really, I think the reason these phrases/lyrics resonate with me is because I don't think they are true at all!
I 100% believe that God does, in fact, give us more than we can handle.
I read this quote a few weeks ago from the amazing book Kisses from Katie-
"I believe that God totally, absolutely, intentionally gives us more than we can handle. Because this is when we surrender to Him and He takes over, proving Himself by doing the impossible in our lives."
She took the words right out of my mouth!
But going back to that song, He won't give us more than we can take? I believe that God works through our incompetence. He will let us bend but not break? I believe that we are all broken before God, but He is the one who comes into our situation and pieces us back together
Maybe we should change this churchism to; God will never give us more than HE can handle.
I am so thankful that He has done this in my life time and time again.
So maybe instead of just spouting off churchisms, I need to take a step back and really reflect on what I'm saying before it comes out of my mouth.
Try it with me?

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