Wednesday, March 14, 2012

mother nature is a meanie

Hello friends!
So happy to be back with you again.
Kevin and I's short spring break trip was really fun, and I'm so glad we got to spend some time away. Things didn't really go as planned, though. Ya see, we were supposed to camp both Saturday and Sunday nights.
Kevin was so excited to use our new tent.
He set it up right when we got to our campsite on Dauphin Island.
I must admit, it is really cute tent. And its brand new, so it didn't smell all funky like I think most tents do. Our campsite was right on the beach, but sadly the weather wasn't on our side. Like at all. I was not too pleased with Mother Nature.
But we did walk around the beach a little bit, and also spent some time at an estuarium on the island.
Please don't ask me what an estuarium is, because even after going, I'm still not 100% sure. But Kevin enjoyed it!
We did stay in our tent on Saturday night.
On Sunday some friends of ours were having their own mini vacay at Gulf Shores- which I found out was close to us! They invited us to meet up with them for brunch & we kindly obliged. I have no picture of this but the food was awwwesome.. and fancy. Just our style. ;)
Oh. And I totally forgot to mention-we rode a ferry over to visit them. 
A ferry!
So fun. 
There were lots of seagulls who also hopped a ride on our ferry, and a few pelicans too.
It was at this point in our journey that I realized that I can never again look at a pelican without thinking of Finding Nemo. 
Moving right along..after brunch we checked out an old fort near the ferry dock called Fort Morgan.
It was old, and cool, and a little bit creepy. (but what old fort isn't?)

Sunday night into Monday was calling for loads of rain, and I dont know about you, but I really cant think of anything less appealing than sleeping in a wet tent. So we ended up staying with our friends instead of camping in the ugliness.
(Yay for friends who stay in condos!)
And then, after picking up camp we did the only rational thing and hit up a mini-golf course!
 And of course Monday came too soon!
After hitting up a few of the local shops...
(True Life; I'm married to a neon-wearing hustler)
..we made the long drive home.
& were greeted by our sweet pups! (who were kindly taken care of by our awesome friends)
Hope your weekend was wonderful!

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  1. This looks like so much fun! My boyfriend has just gotten into camping and I think we have the same tent!