Thursday, March 22, 2012

not the best housekeeper

I am a happy lady over here today, because Kevin is finally home!
I feel like that boy was gone FOR-EVER!!
These are just a few snipets of my lonesome week without him.
 We love our local dog park, but our pups love it even more! I took advantage of this gorgeous weather we've been having & let them run off some energy. As you can see, Chesapeake loves to lead other dogs that are 8 times her size. Yeah, those are great danes which could easily eat her for an afternoon snack!
 I texted Kevin the sad face on the left (saying 'I miss you!'); and was returned with that little gem on the right. (disclaimer;that does not even remotely look like my husband)
 This is a look at my bathroom floor when Kevin isn't here to pick up my clothes. Oops..
& now he's home! And he chooses to..cuddle the dog.?
But I choose to forgive him; because in the 6 days he was gone I did 0% of the mountain of laundry that is currently taking over our room.
Oops again..
Happy Wednesday, Friends!

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