Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Ok, prepare youself to see an extreme amount of adorable sea creatures! Like I mentioned before, Kevin and I went with some friends to the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta last weekend. It was (And I don't use that phrase lightly.) Seriously; If you are south of NYC, and east of Vegas you should make a trip to Atlanta for this aquarium ASAP! If you live in Maine or California, thats a really long trip, but you should still at least consider it.
The aquarium wasn't only fun; it was also educational! I learned that Jelly fish are not actually fish, so the correct terminology is to call them "jellies" (which is such a cuter name anyway!) I also saw an expectant beluga whale! I can safely say that I never thought I'd encounter a prego beluga whale in all my life..and it looked a lot less like Snooki than you might imagine. (burrrrn)
We also got front row seats to the dolphin show. It was sooo awesome. I don't mean to call her out- but my friend Jess loved it so much that she actually cried during the show. In her defense; the dolphins were super adorable, and she only shed a few tears out of pure joy :)
We didn't get to touch any of the real life dolphins, but this painted statue outside sufficed. Kevin is already talking about how he can get his Phd. in marine biology and then we can move to the Caribbean! Seriously though, I'd be totally fine with that.. just let me have my own dolphin that I can ride from island to island. 
Thats not too much to ask for, right?

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  1. I won't try to hide it, I was weeping about those dolphins. They were so beautiful and happy! Love you girl, had such a good time with you guys :)