Thursday, April 12, 2012

beautiful morning

Kevin has turned our back deck into a bird sanctuary of sorts. He's strung up multiple bird feeders & even a hummingbird feeder with nectar that I gave him for Easter. Birds of all sizes and colors are flocking to the feeders, and I love looking out our window to see what birds are chirping out there. Kevin's brain is filled with lots of information about all things nature related. He has recently gotten really into bird watching, and I think it's wearing off on me a bit!
Nutella on wheat toast is my go-to breakfast lately. Except when I burn the toast..which happened yesterday.
I love seeing real flowers in my house! I have always been a fake flower girl, because I can't keep the real ones alive. But a few weekend ago we picked up a little flower & I potted it for our windowsill. Because it's right by my kitchen sink, its easy to remember to water. Its only been about 2 weeks-but it's not dead yet! (& that's saying something)

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  1. I love that you're enjoying the little things, outside in your garden, with some yummy nutella... :)

    Mosey on over to my blog and check out a lovely little picture on the side ;)

    XO Victoria