Wednesday, April 4, 2012

dont'cha know?!

I am homesick this morning for my family because of something rather silly. Every morning as I'm getting ready for work I watch the Today Show. I don't know how this got started-but for some reason if I don't have it on in the background my whole day feels off. Weird- I know.
So anyway, this morning the Today Show had Sarah Palin on as a guest host. I didn't even watch the entire show, only a few snippets here and there. But watching Sarah Palin on the Today show made me miss my family a lot this morning- especially my mom.
Why?-you might ask.
Only because my mom is practically fraternal twins with the ex-Alaskan Governor.
I kid you not..
Here's a picture of my mom and I when I was home a few months ago.
 & here she is, even dressed a bit like Mrs. Palin. Unfortunately my Dad is lacking a bit more in the hair department than Mr. Palin is, so there's no resemblance there. (But my dad does drive a Harley-which is a lot cooler than hair in my book)
 Numerous people from family members to strangers have told my mom she resembles the outspoken Governor..and my mom, quite frankly, is very flattered!
She even got to meet Sarah last year when she was touring around my hometown of Gettysburg PA- & this picture was put in the newspaper!
Can you tell who is who?
 (I can- but only because I know my mom doesn't wear visors)
So there you have it. I see Sarah Palin=I miss my Mom.
All I know is one of these ladies needs to come to Mississippi ASAP! Preferably the one without the visor ;)


  1. She was preaching a few weeks ago and I couldn't help but think how much she looks like Sarah!

  2. OMG! she does! I will never look at Sarah Palin without thinking of you now lol kinda like I can't think of Africa without thinking of you lol