Sunday, April 8, 2012

easter circa 1997

Ahh, the Easters of my childhood.
They usually consisted of my Mom taking 3.5 hours to do me and each of my sisters hair in some magical Dr. Suess-ish way (evidence above.) Seriously; Mom, that thing on my head looks like a growth!
We'd go to my Grandparents house after church for the most thought-out and well planned Easter egg hunt ever! The grand prize was a $10 bill hidden in a particularly tricky spot. My cousins and siblings and I would all vie for the egg-and whoever eventually found it was celebrated and envied a bit :)
Years later, I'm thankful the hair bows area thing of the past! I'm looking forward to celebrating the holiday with Kevin tomorrow and some friends here. I am so gracious when I take a step back and think on why we celebrate this day of the year. 
Wishing you all a beautiful & memorable Easter Sunday!

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