Monday, April 16, 2012

life lately-according to my iphone

1. Important questions in life; is Kate Middleton pregnant?! For those of you not low enough to purchase the current issue of People Magazine- like I am, I will inform you that no, there is no royal baby on the way..yet! Of course I will be the first to let you know when theres a bun the the Princess' oven. Royal Baby Watch 2012!!
2.I dressed that mannequin at work and was particularly proud :) Isn't she cute?
3. My co-workers bring all kinds of goodies to work. It's starting to become a problem..
4.Encouraging little nugget I read this week.
5. Coldstone! It was nearly $12 for both Kevin and I, but oh so worth it.
6. Chesapeake loves Kevin
7. But apparently she was not having it when I tried to get a cute picture :(
8. My sister and I facetimed this week. It was obviously very intense.
Hope you had a wonderful weekend, friends!

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