Friday, April 13, 2012

sister summary

Because yesterday was national siblings day, and I did nothing to commemorate the occasion; I thought I'd do a post all about my sisters. I have 3 younger, beautiful sisters living in PA, who I miss very much! Growing up people used to think we were twins/triples/freaks because we looked so much alike. I used to be annoyed by that, but now if someone tells me I look like my any of my sisters I am absolutely flattered because they are gorgeous!
Growing up, they were my best friends and my worst enemies. There is only a span of 6 years between all four of us. Yes; my Mom is either absolutely crazy or a saint (maybe both..)
We fought all the time. Over clothes, over dolls, even over food. Morgan is the one who would lock herself in the bathroom chowing down on all the cookies she didn't want us to have! You'll meet her in a minute.
But I am so thankful for each of them, and the joy they are in my life. Each of my sisters are beautifully unique and different in their own way, & we share an unbreakable bond.
Let me tell you a bit about them :)
This is Morgan (the cookie thief!), she is the second oldest, only 14 moths younger than me. She was my best friend growing up, & still is!
Morgan loves animals. She has had innumerable amounts of pets during her life. From hamsters, to lizards, to frogs, to kittens to the giant great-dane mix she has today. Growing up, we shared a room until we were about 13 or 14. This did not always turn out well for me when Morgan had a creepy crawler in a fish tank on top of our dresser. I remember one time; she took her pet gecko out of its little home and put it on top of my Britney Spears Hit me Baby One More Time poster!! Not OK!
But I chose to forgive her, & we've been good ever since.

Meet Ally. She is 4 years younger than me and the typical middle child. I vividly remember riding in the car with my mom (I couldn't have been more than 5, making Ally an infant) and telling her that I knew Ally was going to be the 'wild child.' I guess it was apparent, even then :)
Ally is a free spirit. It has astounded me over the years by how she can literally make friends with anyone. She is an extreme extrovert- and the worst thing you could do is take her Iphone away. She is loud & obnoxious, but kind hearted and adorable all rolled into one!
& this is Erica- the baby! Growing up, she learned that if she wasn't loud-then she wasn't going to be heard in our house. She has carried the skill of being blunt and speaking her mind with her in life :)
Erica is the only one in our family to have blonde hair. I think God just wanted to throw a curve ball at my parents :) Erica is and always has been super athletic. She is so incredible at any sport she plays. She has been on basketball, volleyball, soccer name it-she's played it. I think she often intimidates boys because she can beat them in any sport!
Well, I hope you've enjoyed meeting my sisters- they are pretty cool :) & Happy (be-lated) Siblings day! Go give your sister or brother a squeeze!

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