Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Am I the only person who feels like instagram makes their life look more fun? No? Ok good.
Here are some insta's from our Memorial Day weekend :)
Our baseball team here at MSU has had a really great season! (not that I've kept up with it, but that's what people keep telling me.) On Sunday they played & won the SEC championship game against Vanderbilt! Kevin was feeling the school spirit and picked up this snazzy t-shirt in town the day before the game. Pretty sure he wore it all weekend & it was definitely never washed. Oops..

 On Sunday night we had a bonfire with a few friends. Whats more to say? Bonfires are always a good time, no matter the occasion.
 A friend of ours at this bonfire is from Australia, and this was his first campfire s'more! Kevin called it a s'more submarine!
And I must leave you with this one. As soon as I saw the children's swing at our friends house I was determined to put Chesapeake in it for a ride. Kevin was initially against the idea, but I coerced him into helping out. Turns out our dog loves to swing! I took about 367 pictures of her in the swing, all of which probably need to be added to this post.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

planning ahead

Real life stuff has been happening over here with the Chase's.
Long term life; living situations, job possibilities and schooling have all been topics of recent conversation. It's beginning to dawn and Kevin and I, as well as others around us, that our time in Mississippi is winding down. Out of 2 years we only have about 6 months left. That fact is both real and bizarre. Didn't we only just arrive yesterday? Didn't I just discover the goodness of sweet tea and the importance of college football? I haven't even traded my northern accent for that southern drawl yet!
 Us at our first & only Mississippi State football game
Life here as been so fun, and when I think about the great friends and memories, our time seems to have flown by. But when I think about my family and how little I've seen them in the past year and a half, it seems like we've been here for an eternity. I miss just being able to hop in the car and drive to my parents house. I miss being able to text an old friend and then meeting up for lunch. Today a co-worker said she might drive to her Grandparents house over the holiday to surprise them with a visit. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at that. I miss my Grandparents very much, and our visits are few and far between due to our great distance.
I never want to be that person. *the don't talk about your family in front of me because I might break down and cry pathetically* Person.
Everyones paths are different. Some people are meant to grow up and live in the very same town their parents and grandparents before them did. Our path has lead us here. Every homesick night, every missed family gathering or reunion of old friends was and is worth it. We are happy in this place, & so thankful.
I have learned countless things from not only moving a thousand miles away from home but also living in such a different atmosphere. I think I could write a manual; but maybe just a blog post on things I've learned would be better. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that for the last 1.5 years I've lived in Starkville MS. Starkville is home to Mississippi State University. Starkville is not home to a Target, Olive Garden, Forever 21, or Dunkin Donuts. And I'd like somebody to start working on that, thankyouverymuch.
In all seriousness though, we are entering a transition time; living in the moment but planning for the future (did I just make up a campaign slogan?) Prayers for strength and wisdom as to what to do next are always appreciated! Wherever the Lord leads, that's where we'll go.

Friday, May 25, 2012

cause & effect

A random lady with a stroller (who I'm sure had wonderful intentions) knocked over a huge rack of clothes at work today. This did not bide well for me, as the rack is very heavy and there were many clothes. But I did find it humorous enough to snap a picture;

I pleaded with Kevin to bring a sweet treat for me and my co-workers (which was obviously needed!) I let food effect my mood way too much. He kindly obliged and brought these delicious mounds of goodness. Coldstone Creamery will absolutely be the death of me.
But these puppies did the trick, and made for a fantastic afternoon!
We are looking forward to a low key holiday weekend coming up. I have off work, but we're staying around home to pet sit for some friends. I'm excited for a weekend free of plans to see what we'll do & where we'll end up :)

Monday, May 21, 2012

the death of a dress

Writing in the moment seems to be really therapeutic for me. Its always been the best outlet for me to release frustrations, or pent up thoughts and feelings (which girls have a lot of, ya know)
I am currently in the midst of a heated situation; and I am choosing to write it out. I really do feel like its the best way to express emotions. So here it goes.
My husband ruined my dress. 
My favorite dress.
I got it just last week and have already worn it twice. I even planned to wear it to my little sisters graduation next month in PA. I loved this dress. I say loved, past tense, because it's ruined. Kevin was doing a load of laundry, and accidentally had left an ink pen in one of his pants that ended up in this wash. With my dress.
You all know the rest- he takes out the clothes, sees his mistake and is panic stricken at the thought of the furry that is about to be unleashed.
But in fact, there was no furry. I'm not sure why, but I'm not really too upset about the dress. Yes, I'm sad. I really did love it to pieces and there are no more left at the store.
However, what I'm realizing in this moment is how much I love Kevin.
First of all, he did our laundry. He did it on a Sunday afternoon, without me asking, and without complaint. I honestly didn't realize he had done it until this little fiasco played out; but oh well. How sweet is that? Not sure how many husbands do chores with their wives completely unaware; but mine does.
Secondly; as soon as he realized my favorite dress was covered in ink splots, he jumped into action mode. All of his shirts that were messed up were forgotten about, and my dress was his main focus. He was immediately questioning me with how we could get the stains out, racing around the house. When I told him the dress was probably ruined he said he'd buy me another one. When I told him there were no more left at the store (dashing all his hopes & dreams) he told me he'd find one somewhere else. He'd search for it online, he'd call the company. He would get another dress.
And after all this happened (And we doused the dress with hairspray and OxiClean) I just had to sit back and write about this little happening. Because stuff is just stuff. Yeah, I really loved that dress, but there will be more. I work at a boutique for crying out loud! I get free clothes all the time.
I just love seeing Kevin's character in those heated moments. Through tense situations with emotions running high, I'm so happy to have a husband who cares about the little things. He freaked out about the dress because he cares about what I care about. This situation just proved how much. There will be other ink splattered dress moments in the future, but I know they will be reconciled with love, and care, a maybe a bit of OxiClean.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

casual tuesday

Have you ever had a day where you felt super productive & efficient? Tuesday was that day for me, and as luck would have it, it was also my day off! I ran around & got a bunch of stuff done. I felt like a stay-at-home wife! (yeah, there really is such a thing.)
I am not a good cook by any means- but I found this super easy recipe here that I followed to make lemon pepper chicken. It turned out soo yummy, and literally took 15 minutes. Win/Win!
The night was finished with some yummy frozen yogurt, walks on campus, and yes; some serious statue hijinks.
On a totally seperate note; I have mentioned on this blog that I watch the Today Show every morning before work (its actually on as I type this). But I am seriously not a fan of the 'Summer concert series' they try to pull every year. Really, Today Show people; (because you all totally read my blog), if I wanted to watch Usher jump around in a track suit I could just youtube it.
Ok, just wanted to get that out there.
Have a great weekend, friends!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blessed by cleaning euipment

This blog is a space that I want to use to be able to boast about God. So give me a minute, would you? Because I have some bragging to do.
Kevin and I are not well off by any means. We are young, and on our own. By this I mean that our parents don't help us out as far as money is concerned; and I am so happy that they don't. We both work full time at jobs that we love; but we're not making bank.
Saying all of this, Kevin and I are pretty frugal in our spending habits. Neither of us care about luxury items or name brand things. I think this has to do with the ways our parents raised us.
What you should also know about me is that I love to keep our home clean & organized. This quality goes as far back as I remember. I like a tidy room, clear of clutter and dust bunnies. Yes, occasionally (regularly) I will let the laundry pile up in the hamper, and the dishes in the sink, but I am really most content when everything is put in its rightful place.
I vacuum about once a week at the job I spoke of earlier. (I know it feels like I'm skipping around, but I promise this all ties together)
My boss' at work bought a dyson vacuum cleaner for the store many months ago for us to use at closing time. Now this dyson; its like the BMW of vacuums as far as cleaning equipment is concerned. It never looses suction, it never misses a fleck of dust. It is AWESOME.
On my 1 day a week to vacuum I would find myself consumed with this vacuum cleaner! Its beautiful, sleek and works like a dream. I started thinking of ways I might be able to take the dyson home to use in our apartment. I could take it after work and bring it back the next morning-with my boss' permission of course. There was no other way for me to get my hands on a dyson--getting my own was out of the question. I'd have to sell my wedding band to be able to afford one! Even asking for it as a birthday or Christmas gift would be too much.
But I am a firm believer that when you are faithful with a little; God will bless you with much.
Yes, I dreamed of a dyson vacuum cleaner for months. I don't think I ever prayed about it; but God knows the desires of our hearts.
I know, I know; its so silly to talk about a vacuum cleaner as "a desire of my heart." But lets be real, people! I wanted that dyson bad. And there is a fine line between really wanting something and becoming materialistic. Often times, I think I straddle that line pretty closely. In the end I stick by my motto of a quote I heard that says; "The best things in life aren't things."
Amen & Hallelujah.
But guess what God went & did;
He put that dang dyson right in my lap- and for less than HALF of what it was supposed to cost!
Its so silly, really. When there is so much else going on in the world, why would God care about what kind of vacuum cleaner I have?
I don't know..other than He loves me, and I am blessed.
Others would write it off as a coincidence, but I know the truth. That in a re-sale store filled to the brim with people on a Saturday afternoon, (and only 1 dyson) my name was practically written on that bad boy. God had it special for me!
I don't know if the God you pray to at night blesses you with high-tech vacuum cleaners or not; but mine does. 
And I think that is pretty awesome.

Monday, May 14, 2012

the worst morning ever.

Today Kevin and I had what I would call the worst morning we have ever experienced. But isn't it funny how bad experiences turn into hilarious stories? And thank goodness I have a blog where I can share these stories with about anyone willing to read them.
The day started like any other Sunday, we were downstairs getting ready for church, and I was about to grab some breakfast.
It was when I walked through the kitchen that I spotted something on our table. It looked like Kevin had spilled something- only he wasn't eating at the table. Upon further inspection I see the yellowish liquid that had engulfed our tabletop. I don't mention her much on this blog-probably because I loathe her-but we own a cat named Nelly. Nelly is known for peeing in random places. This random place happened to be on top of our dinning surface and, consequently, on top of the Mothers Day cards I had purchased for my mom and Kevin's mom. They were ruined, and I was peeved. Greeting cards aren't cheap, ya know.
Kevin is furious, I am furious, and Nelly was creeping around unaware that we were about to murder her. Nelly is an indoor cat, but sometimes when she pees in random places Kevin and I will kick her outside for a few hours to teach her a lesson. I know; this is probably the cruelest thing imaginable, but it had to be done.
Oh, and did I mention that it rained, like, 50 inches yesterday? Yeah- modern day flood in Mississippi.
So, picture this; We have our back door open, trying to chase Nelly outside. It just so happens that our trash bin is out our back door- on the porch. So I am making my way to the porch to discard the pee-ridden paper towels and ruined mothers day cards. This is when Kevin successfully chases Nelly out the door. So imagine what our neighbors saw go down on our porch this morning; me in my Sunday best, trying to throw nasty crap away, and one psychotic pee-everywhere cat. THIS is when my foot lost traction on the slippery deck and I fell-hard. There was a dark mess all over my pretty green skinny jeans, I'm holding a pee rag, and Nelly darts back into the house.
I burst into tears.
Kevin missed my grand fall; so he has no idea what is happening, other than Nelly is on the run again. This was the grand moment, folks. The moment that I knew our morning had gone to the dogs (or cats, I guess.) I tear off my jeans and run them to the sink, hoping-praying-the stain will come out. From then on, I'm running around, pants-less, trying to get that God-forsaken cat OUT of our apartment.
We finally chase Nelly outside, and slam the door behind her. I kid you not when I say that less than two minutes later our dog Chesapeake was puking up some seriously disturbing material all over my living room carpet.
The best moment was when everything calmed down, and the puke was cleaned, Kevin said; "Well I guess you have something to blog about, huh?"
Hah! He knows me so well.
He then proceeds to pull the pee covered Mothers Day cards out of the trash so I can take a picture of them to document this terrible morning. What a guy.
 I know there have been far worse morning time catastrophes out there- but today I felt like ours took the cake. I love that these terrible situations bring humor though; and Kevin and I were laughing about everything just minutes later.(And to those wondering; Nelly was let back inside after only 30 minutes.) I'm hoping your Sunday was just as exciting; but maybe a little less pee-covered.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Meet my Mom

My mom is strong. 
She had 4 babies in 6 years.
She stayed at home to raise us- so my Father could graduate and provide for our family.
She was sick a lot when we were growing up; but she always put our needs before her own.

My mom is kind.
She always gives first to others.
She comforted me when I would come home from middle school crying over mean words.
Anytime & every time I'm home she asks me- "What can I make you to eat?"

My mom is smart. 
She graduated with a degree in social work and has helped some pretty messed up people.
She knows just what to say when I've come up against something really tough- and gives me the best advice.
She was smart when she picked my Dad to marry, and they are so happy 23 years later.

My mom is awesome. 
She was always the first Mom to sign up to go on field trips and special events with us.
She's awesome because she can relate to anyone at anytime.
I know my Dad thinks she's awesome because she bought and surprised him with a Harley Davidson & will ride in on the back all decked out in leather :)

My mom is loving.
She loves Jesus and shares His love with others.
She loves me every day of the year.
And I know she'll still love me even when her mothers day card doesn't arrive on time tomorrow..
I love you Mom! Thank you for always supporting me and being a consistent friend and caring parent in my life. I am so blessed to have you.
Happy Mothers Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

weekend snapshots

Surprise graduation party for Jessica who just earned her MBA!
Clouds rolling in for an afternoon thunderstorm.
PA print which shall be framed ASAP.
I went on a cleaning spree. Everything was cleaned!
Including my closet which contained 73,8402 old purses. (Who is in the market for a knock off coach?! Oh, right- nobody.)
Highlight of the weekend- We. Bought. A. DYSON!
I named her Sunshine and proceeded to strap her into the back seat of our car like a child. Don't judge.
Lion King on DVD-2nd best purchase of the weekend (or of my entire life!)
Then we found this little puppy who blatantly looks like a gremlin.
However, this is a judgment-free zone. And that puppy had a really sweet personality ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

DC dreamin'

I must admit; I want to move to DC. 
There. I said it.
This topic of conversation has been brought up many times in the past few months here at the Chase home. I'm not sure where my fantastic idea to move to our nations capital originated from. I always loved taking trips there as a kid, and have a huge love of history. (Not politics so much, but, what can ya do?)

The funniest thing ever happened to me in Washington DC when I was on a school field trip in about 5th or 6th grade. My Mom went with our class as a chaperon. (The best things happen on field trips when your parents are there, am I right?) We were eating our brown bag lunches on the lawn of the mall-when out of nowhere a psycho squirrel runs on my Mom's lap and steals her brownie! I know this is hard to believe, folks. In fact, if I wasn't sitting right there witnessing the whole thing I'd probably never believe it. But any city with chocolate crazed rodents running around is obviously the place to be.

Kevin and I went to DC a few times when we were living in Pennsylvania. The Smithsonian's never get old folks. It's just a fact of life. I could wander through them for years.

I also went to DC right before we moved to Mississippi with my sister and our friend Angela. Angela documented our ride on the tallest escalator of all time.
I mean, seriously, don't ride that puppy if you're too scared of heights. It's a doozy.
 I also must admit, that I think my longing to move to this great city is due in part to this glorious blog I follow over HERE. Seriously-these people are just the cutest, and of course they live in DC! So if when we live there; of course we'll automatically become best friends with this lovely family!

Ok, now I have to wrap things up by saying that I will be happy and content with wherever we end up living; 8 months from now or 8 years from now. God has it all figured out! But I think I present a pretty strong argument when I say;
Cherry blossoms.


Friday, May 4, 2012

scenes from a thursday


Today was a beautiful day; it was just on the brink of rain for hours, but then the sun came out! There's a lovely church right next to were I work, and I've only just recently realized its even there. It's hidden a bit, but oh so pretty! Lots of brick and archways and such.
We had tacos for dinner tonight! Have I ever mentioned that tacos are my favorite food? Yep-they are!
Kevin and I took the dogs for a walk across the road to let them run free. That furry blob up there is Oscar. He likes to run :)
I know this post is not too exciting- but I want to remember days like today.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

favorites for spring

current loves

Mango denim jean jacket
£45 -

Slim leg jeans

Rag & bone zipper skinny jeans
$229 -

J Brand zipper jeans
$325 -

Yochi jewelry
$80 -

Dorothy Perkins hair clip accessory
$8 -

Forever 21 knit brim hat
$13 -

Ray-Ban metal sunglasses
185 CAD -

Deborah Lippmann lacquer nail polish
$16 -

A look at my loves for Spring! I am seriously obsessed with bright colored skinnies (take note- I did not spend $325 on mine). All things bright & fun- also florals are a big favorite of mine, all year long really. But its a lot more acceptable to wear them in Springtime :)
What are your favorites for Spring? :)
PS- If you've never played around on polyvore, you should definitely check it out!
Hours of free fun ;)