Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blessed by cleaning euipment

This blog is a space that I want to use to be able to boast about God. So give me a minute, would you? Because I have some bragging to do.
Kevin and I are not well off by any means. We are young, and on our own. By this I mean that our parents don't help us out as far as money is concerned; and I am so happy that they don't. We both work full time at jobs that we love; but we're not making bank.
Saying all of this, Kevin and I are pretty frugal in our spending habits. Neither of us care about luxury items or name brand things. I think this has to do with the ways our parents raised us.
What you should also know about me is that I love to keep our home clean & organized. This quality goes as far back as I remember. I like a tidy room, clear of clutter and dust bunnies. Yes, occasionally (regularly) I will let the laundry pile up in the hamper, and the dishes in the sink, but I am really most content when everything is put in its rightful place.
I vacuum about once a week at the job I spoke of earlier. (I know it feels like I'm skipping around, but I promise this all ties together)
My boss' at work bought a dyson vacuum cleaner for the store many months ago for us to use at closing time. Now this dyson; its like the BMW of vacuums as far as cleaning equipment is concerned. It never looses suction, it never misses a fleck of dust. It is AWESOME.
On my 1 day a week to vacuum I would find myself consumed with this vacuum cleaner! Its beautiful, sleek and works like a dream. I started thinking of ways I might be able to take the dyson home to use in our apartment. I could take it after work and bring it back the next morning-with my boss' permission of course. There was no other way for me to get my hands on a dyson--getting my own was out of the question. I'd have to sell my wedding band to be able to afford one! Even asking for it as a birthday or Christmas gift would be too much.
But I am a firm believer that when you are faithful with a little; God will bless you with much.
Yes, I dreamed of a dyson vacuum cleaner for months. I don't think I ever prayed about it; but God knows the desires of our hearts.
I know, I know; its so silly to talk about a vacuum cleaner as "a desire of my heart." But lets be real, people! I wanted that dyson bad. And there is a fine line between really wanting something and becoming materialistic. Often times, I think I straddle that line pretty closely. In the end I stick by my motto of a quote I heard that says; "The best things in life aren't things."
Amen & Hallelujah.
But guess what God went & did;
He put that dang dyson right in my lap- and for less than HALF of what it was supposed to cost!
Its so silly, really. When there is so much else going on in the world, why would God care about what kind of vacuum cleaner I have?
I don't know..other than He loves me, and I am blessed.
Others would write it off as a coincidence, but I know the truth. That in a re-sale store filled to the brim with people on a Saturday afternoon, (and only 1 dyson) my name was practically written on that bad boy. God had it special for me!
I don't know if the God you pray to at night blesses you with high-tech vacuum cleaners or not; but mine does. 
And I think that is pretty awesome.


  1. You're awesome. And our God is amazing. :u)

  2. Lindsey, I was so blessed to read this post today... you are some special lady, a lady that loves, believes and waits... somethings like these can take us women a lifetime to learn. Your tenderness shines through your words, I am sure that Kevin knows what a unique woman he has. It just didn't surprise me to read the end of your post and see that God made sure you got your Dyson, you are a Dyson kind of woman, I can only imagine how many Dyson's you will be believing for everyday, you go lady! I know that I am never going to forget this story for a long time, it has ministered to me and I am 61, I luv u and Kevin and look forward to hearing about all your and Kevin's "Dyson" experiences. Alice Ritter