Friday, May 25, 2012

cause & effect

A random lady with a stroller (who I'm sure had wonderful intentions) knocked over a huge rack of clothes at work today. This did not bide well for me, as the rack is very heavy and there were many clothes. But I did find it humorous enough to snap a picture;

I pleaded with Kevin to bring a sweet treat for me and my co-workers (which was obviously needed!) I let food effect my mood way too much. He kindly obliged and brought these delicious mounds of goodness. Coldstone Creamery will absolutely be the death of me.
But these puppies did the trick, and made for a fantastic afternoon!
We are looking forward to a low key holiday weekend coming up. I have off work, but we're staying around home to pet sit for some friends. I'm excited for a weekend free of plans to see what we'll do & where we'll end up :)

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