Monday, May 21, 2012

the death of a dress

Writing in the moment seems to be really therapeutic for me. Its always been the best outlet for me to release frustrations, or pent up thoughts and feelings (which girls have a lot of, ya know)
I am currently in the midst of a heated situation; and I am choosing to write it out. I really do feel like its the best way to express emotions. So here it goes.
My husband ruined my dress. 
My favorite dress.
I got it just last week and have already worn it twice. I even planned to wear it to my little sisters graduation next month in PA. I loved this dress. I say loved, past tense, because it's ruined. Kevin was doing a load of laundry, and accidentally had left an ink pen in one of his pants that ended up in this wash. With my dress.
You all know the rest- he takes out the clothes, sees his mistake and is panic stricken at the thought of the furry that is about to be unleashed.
But in fact, there was no furry. I'm not sure why, but I'm not really too upset about the dress. Yes, I'm sad. I really did love it to pieces and there are no more left at the store.
However, what I'm realizing in this moment is how much I love Kevin.
First of all, he did our laundry. He did it on a Sunday afternoon, without me asking, and without complaint. I honestly didn't realize he had done it until this little fiasco played out; but oh well. How sweet is that? Not sure how many husbands do chores with their wives completely unaware; but mine does.
Secondly; as soon as he realized my favorite dress was covered in ink splots, he jumped into action mode. All of his shirts that were messed up were forgotten about, and my dress was his main focus. He was immediately questioning me with how we could get the stains out, racing around the house. When I told him the dress was probably ruined he said he'd buy me another one. When I told him there were no more left at the store (dashing all his hopes & dreams) he told me he'd find one somewhere else. He'd search for it online, he'd call the company. He would get another dress.
And after all this happened (And we doused the dress with hairspray and OxiClean) I just had to sit back and write about this little happening. Because stuff is just stuff. Yeah, I really loved that dress, but there will be more. I work at a boutique for crying out loud! I get free clothes all the time.
I just love seeing Kevin's character in those heated moments. Through tense situations with emotions running high, I'm so happy to have a husband who cares about the little things. He freaked out about the dress because he cares about what I care about. This situation just proved how much. There will be other ink splattered dress moments in the future, but I know they will be reconciled with love, and care, a maybe a bit of OxiClean.

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  1. What a great husband for doing the laundry!! But I definitely feel your pain about the dress. I'm not sure of the fabric or anything, but I've gotten ink stains out of my daughter's clothes with Goo Off before; it almost even removed permanent sharpie! Be sure to test it at a back hem to make sure that it doesn't discolor your dress and wash, wash, wash, and add some more OxiClean. Good luck!