Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Am I the only person who feels like instagram makes their life look more fun? No? Ok good.
Here are some insta's from our Memorial Day weekend :)
Our baseball team here at MSU has had a really great season! (not that I've kept up with it, but that's what people keep telling me.) On Sunday they played & won the SEC championship game against Vanderbilt! Kevin was feeling the school spirit and picked up this snazzy t-shirt in town the day before the game. Pretty sure he wore it all weekend & it was definitely never washed. Oops..

 On Sunday night we had a bonfire with a few friends. Whats more to say? Bonfires are always a good time, no matter the occasion.
 A friend of ours at this bonfire is from Australia, and this was his first campfire s'more! Kevin called it a s'more submarine!
And I must leave you with this one. As soon as I saw the children's swing at our friends house I was determined to put Chesapeake in it for a ride. Kevin was initially against the idea, but I coerced him into helping out. Turns out our dog loves to swing! I took about 367 pictures of her in the swing, all of which probably need to be added to this post.
Hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

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  1. I just totally laughed so hard at the pics of Chesapeake in Wade's swing. Wade would have LOVED to see a puppy in his swing. Ha! (Thank yall AGAIN for dog-sitting!)