Sunday, May 27, 2012

planning ahead

Real life stuff has been happening over here with the Chase's.
Long term life; living situations, job possibilities and schooling have all been topics of recent conversation. It's beginning to dawn and Kevin and I, as well as others around us, that our time in Mississippi is winding down. Out of 2 years we only have about 6 months left. That fact is both real and bizarre. Didn't we only just arrive yesterday? Didn't I just discover the goodness of sweet tea and the importance of college football? I haven't even traded my northern accent for that southern drawl yet!
 Us at our first & only Mississippi State football game
Life here as been so fun, and when I think about the great friends and memories, our time seems to have flown by. But when I think about my family and how little I've seen them in the past year and a half, it seems like we've been here for an eternity. I miss just being able to hop in the car and drive to my parents house. I miss being able to text an old friend and then meeting up for lunch. Today a co-worker said she might drive to her Grandparents house over the holiday to surprise them with a visit. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy at that. I miss my Grandparents very much, and our visits are few and far between due to our great distance.
I never want to be that person. *the don't talk about your family in front of me because I might break down and cry pathetically* Person.
Everyones paths are different. Some people are meant to grow up and live in the very same town their parents and grandparents before them did. Our path has lead us here. Every homesick night, every missed family gathering or reunion of old friends was and is worth it. We are happy in this place, & so thankful.
I have learned countless things from not only moving a thousand miles away from home but also living in such a different atmosphere. I think I could write a manual; but maybe just a blog post on things I've learned would be better. I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that for the last 1.5 years I've lived in Starkville MS. Starkville is home to Mississippi State University. Starkville is not home to a Target, Olive Garden, Forever 21, or Dunkin Donuts. And I'd like somebody to start working on that, thankyouverymuch.
In all seriousness though, we are entering a transition time; living in the moment but planning for the future (did I just make up a campaign slogan?) Prayers for strength and wisdom as to what to do next are always appreciated! Wherever the Lord leads, that's where we'll go.

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