Wednesday, May 9, 2012

weekend snapshots

Surprise graduation party for Jessica who just earned her MBA!
Clouds rolling in for an afternoon thunderstorm.
PA print which shall be framed ASAP.
I went on a cleaning spree. Everything was cleaned!
Including my closet which contained 73,8402 old purses. (Who is in the market for a knock off coach?! Oh, right- nobody.)
Highlight of the weekend- We. Bought. A. DYSON!
I named her Sunshine and proceeded to strap her into the back seat of our car like a child. Don't judge.
Lion King on DVD-2nd best purchase of the weekend (or of my entire life!)
Then we found this little puppy who blatantly looks like a gremlin.
However, this is a judgment-free zone. And that puppy had a really sweet personality ;)

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