Friday, June 8, 2012


Actually I've been to DC countless times, but one more picture in front on this monument can't hurt.
Actually I totally didn't get that Harry Potter reference a friend made today over coffee.
Actually I've drank more coffee in the past 24 hours than I have all month.
Actually I'm pretty stoked to go to my little sisters grad ceremony tomorrow (boring as it might be)
Actually because it's 72 degrees instead of 98 degrees I'm a little chilly & should've worn a jacket.
(Actually I just started singing a 98 degrees song in my head after re-reading that last one)
Actually this is the first time I've carried cash in months, but I kinda like it.
Actually I think that ghost tour you're about to embarq on is absolutely ridiculous and I will laugh at you from afar.
Actually I've been trying to update my iphone for the past hour and am failing quite miserably.
Actually I did creep on your wedding photos on facebook & I'd like to thank you for hours of free entertainment.
Actually I dont know any of the songs you want to listen to on the radio and I'm really ok with that.
Actually I spent last night in my parents front yard doing cartwheels with my sisters;
what did you do?


  1. Actually, I hope graduation isn't too boring or else Brad may fall asleep. :-)

  2. New follower from wiegand hop! Cute blog. Love for you to follow back when you get a chance ;)

  3. HAHHA you seem like you have a great since of humor- creeping in other people's wedding pictures. hahaha found you via the wiegands link up! xo