Friday, June 29, 2012

random wednesday. (on thursday)

Because if I never wrote any of this stuff down I'd lose it from my memory forever.
Help yourself if you care to share in my random thoughts & unimportant happening as of late.

It is hot outside. And I do mean HOT.
When people in the south warned me about summertime, I shrugged it off. I've been to hot places before (Africa on the equator for example) & survived. How bad could it really be, right? I'd like to go back in time to my naive little self and shake my finger at her. Naive Lindsey had no concept of southern heat. Oh, but I soon found out. And now that time is upon us again, and every cell in my body is screaming for it to leeeeave! I don't like to be sweaty. Or sticky. Or to feel my feet slipping around in my sandals. Or any of the above happening at once. Icky.

Fig Newtons are so tasty! Why have I not been indulging in these yummy bits for ages now? & since when did they take the word 'fig' off the label? I heard it was so people who had a bad connotation with figs would still buy them. Uhh.. trickery! There are still figs in those newtons, people.

On the 15 hour drive from Pennsylvania to Mississippi I became addicted to 2 things. Temple run & Twitter. Oh gosh, am I in serious trouble.

I watched the movie Bridesmaids with my sister and she re-wound (is it okay that I still say rewind?) the part with Megan McCarthy saying she fell off of a cruise ship about 7 times. Today at work a customer told me she was about to leave for a cruise to Cozumel. The scene from Bridesmaids came to mind and I immediately wanted to tell the girl to stay away from the edge of the ship. Hah!

Last thing;
A Chick-fil-A is currently being built in our town. Do I really need to write a paragraph explaining how exciting and overwhelming this is?! So be expecting long and completely useless posts about delicious chicken sandwiches and chocolate shakes.
Oh, yes. It will be happening.

And then, because I feel like I need to add a picture, there is this;
It made me chuckle.

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