Monday, June 25, 2012

sweet bits

Even though I was literally just home for a visit last week, this time trip has been much needed. When Kevin and I first found out about my Grandfathers passing, we weren't sure if we could make the trip home or not. Plane tickets were out of the question, with it being so last minute. But after thinking about it and talking it over we knew that driving up would be the best thing. Even though it wasn't the best circumstances that brought us back, the past few days here have been such a gift. We have been able to see old friends, visit memorable places and spend much needed time with both of our families. Kevin and I even got to eat last night at the restaurant where we both used to work, and where we first met nearly 5 years ago. It was very special.
Tonight is the viewing for my Grandpa, and tomorrow morning is the funeral. I'm not quite sure how I will react to seeing him. More than anything I just want these next few days to be a celebration of his life. I know in my heart where he is now, and there is no need to be sad about that. We will definitely meet agian one day!
Thank you for all of the sweet notes, hugs and kind words over the past few days. The outpouring of love on my family has been so amazing, and we are very grateful.

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