Sunday, July 22, 2012


Kevin & I had a dilemma on Wednesday.
It was our anniversary, we both had the day off, but we had no plans!
I think the procrastinators in us both led us to this troubling place.
We wanted to take a day trip somewhere; but lets be honest, they're aren't too many bustling cities in the middle of Mississippi. We've already explored the closest ones; New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville, and a few places on the coast. So on Tuesday night, we were literally looking at a map and trying to figure out where we could go with fun things to do!
We decided to head to Tupelo MS. Tupelo is by no means is a bustling city, but it is known for being the birthplace of Elvis Presley! We'd already been there quite a few times, but always with other people. We decided to go, just the 2 of us & take advantage of the bookstores, antique mall, & starbucks :)
pixlr(20) pixlr(19) 
We found Elvis in his home town!
photo(122) photo(121)
We found many treasures in this giant antique mall! Kevin's favorite was an old Jim Bean bottle with a trout on the front. (picture was taken directly after I told him we would not be purchasing it). And I just played house & admired cool old dish ware & aprons.
All in all; a successful day trip!
We ended the day with watching our wedding video & The Help. Both glorious DVD's with high entertainment value :)
Happy weekend!