Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Pinterest fail.

Ever since I joined the wildly addictive website Pinterest I am hesitant to throw anything away. Like, literally; anything.
I've crafted using things like old toilet paper rolls and ruined articles of clothing through projects I find on pinterest! Old cereal box? It's now a mail holder! Used bottle? Decorative accent piece with handmade flower inside!
So when a coworker was going to throw away a used candle jar I rescued it from the trash bin and brought it home. It wasn't too long after that that I found a thing on pinterest where someone used an old candle jar as a vase.
Voila! I had a project on my hands.

Saturday night Kevin was invited to go fishing with a co-worker. Obviously, he jumped on that opportunity real quick. 
What's a girl to do but stay home, watch the local beauty pageant and pick wildflowers for her candle-jar-turned-vase-pinterest-project?
Unfortunately, the "yard" of our little townhouse row doesn't have quite the selection of wildflowers I was hoping for. (I was thinking The Hills Are Alive, type of thing)
But I made due, and gathered a pretty little assortment of these greens and vine sort things.
I was quite pleased with myself!
Yeah, so it turned out a little more, "earthy weeds" rather than "Spring meadow flowers" but oh well. I was using my candle jar as a vase; I was darn proud!

And then in a couple of hours Kevin got home and wandered into the kitchen. And these words; "Linds? Why is there an invasive plant in our kitchen..?"

So friends, let it be recorded; this is what happens when I try to fuel my pinterest addiction/be outdoorsy. I bring awful poisonous plants into our home.

So maybe I will just go back to using pinterest for what it was originally intended; for me to gawk at pictures of Kate Middleton like a perfectly normal human being.
I mean, seriously.