Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Sunday's are the best day of the week. Seriously! I wish everyday could be Sunday. Between worshiping with our church family, to spending time with friends and maybe going out for lunch; it usually turns out to be pretty wonderful.
Here are some snippets from our Sunday.
Kevin and I have been getting into tennis lately. Well..lets be honest, as you can see from the pictures Kevin is getting into tennis and I am getting into watching him play tennis while sipping on a cold drink. But we did play a game of doubles with our friends and I must say I had a few good hits here & there :) But mostly my specialty is letting the balls sail way high over the fence so they land in the neighboring courts. Oops..

 Another lovely thing about Sunday's is meeting with our small group in the evening. We usually eat yummy food, chat for awhile, and have good discussion about that Sundays sermon. But sometimes, like last night, we just hang out and play board games. Last night it was apples to apples; and if you've never played this game I would highly recommend it. It's super fun with big groups of people!
What did you do on Sunday?
Am I the only one who finds it the best day of the week?

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