Monday, July 16, 2012

thank you notes

Thank you, weekend, for always being so good to me.

Thank you CJ's pizza for your garlic knots. I have no doubt I will feast on them everyday in heaven.

Thank you husband, for doing manly projects around the house while I lounge and take creepy pictures from a distance.
Thank you Mom, for calling at just the moment I was being dragged into Lowe's against my will. You made that experience bearable.

Thank you matinée movies, for a fun day date on a rainy Saturday. (And for causing me to be mildly obsessed with Emma Stone. no big deal)

Thank you Dirt Cheap, for the endless amount of home goods I can buy on my frugal ladies budget. You have adorned many areas of our home :)
Thank you to husband, again, for purchasing the throw pillows from dirt cheap. Even though you don't see the point of usefulness of throw pillows, you have to admit they're pretty :)

Thank you CVS, for carrying the pedi-egg. My dry, crackly feet are going to owe you big time.

And lastly, thank you puppies; for being the cutest dogs that ever lived. (and for attacking the kid who played a ring & run on us last week.)

Sincerely yours,


  1. wait a second. there is a place called "Dirt Cheap"?? Sounds like my kinda shopping!!

  2. I too am obsessed with Emma Stone.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have just had a snoop around yours and it's lovely.
    I'd love to swap buttons if you'd like? Do you have a 200200 button? I couldn't find one on your page.

    1. I'd love to swap buttons! the 2nd one down on my 'sponsor' page is 150x150 i believe. But give me a minute & I'll add a 200x200 one!